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I miss the face paint, the nonsense hair, and the excessive amount of tummy.

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I miss Azkidev

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AZKi seems to desire a more stereotypical idol-like apperance, which is a pity since the OG was great.

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for me it's outfit one, except for the painted nails over the gloves, that's awful

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She used to look kinda like an esper...

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got any more of these styled Azkis? I love her old design more than her new one

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>AZKi story I came up with after remembering a request from a few threads ago about making a story about a chuuba where you would leave after being abused but would always return due to her influence over you

That door.

That same damn door.

You were standing there once again. It seemed like the thousandth time you’ve been in this same spot. Staring at that monotonous wooden door to Azki’s apartment had become so burned into your memory that you’d even started seeing it in your dreams. You’d promised yourself a thousand times to not ever return to this same door. And a thousand times you broke that promise. And tonight was no different.

You knew she could only bring you pain. You learned that the hard way over the years you had been with one of hololives greatest singers. You’d been fooled by that lovely voice of hers. Those ensnaring purple eyes that seemed to hypnotize you any time they gaze into your own. You had gone to hear her beautiful singing and see her mesmerizing dances live. There wasn’t a moment you weren’t infatuated with the girl. Then one day you got the chance to meet her at the sidelines of one concert. And by some chance, Azki talked to you specifically and then told you she wanted to meet you later for dinner. Obviously you accepted, and later on you found that the two of you clicked, and a blooming relationship was born.

You moved in with her, and the first few weeks were great. You went out on dates, kissed and cuddled together on the living room couch and even had sex for the first time. Those moments seemed almost magical then. But as you spent months with her, the more you realized that something was wrong. It started with a few derisive words here and there. Either calling you an idiot randomly or even just completely ignoring you. You chalked this up to being your fault for doing something stupid to anger her. As such you overlooked it, as it seemed like something any normal couple would go through.

Then it turned for the worse.

When you would eat dinner together Azki would remind you that she took you in. She would tell you how much of a privilege it was to be in her presence. That a worthless someone like you should be honored to be allowed to be in her life. With these words she seeded the doubt that would take your mind hostage. She criticized every part of your life, from the way you acted to how you dressed, there was nothing safe from her. Azki then would blame you for every little wrong thing that occurred in her work, to the home life and beyond. If you ever took your eyes off her, even once, she would accuse you of cheating. But every time you tried to fight back against her ever increasing amount of allegations and insults, she would pull out her ultimate weapon.

She threatened to leave you.

Azki had become the sole thing in your life. Never had someone taken an interest in you as much as she had. She gave you love, intimacy and attention, unlike anything else you’d ever experienced in life. Despite her abusive words, the comfort that she brought you was too much to ever question her. Over the course of your relationship Azki had become the pillar supporting your very existence. Of course she knew this, and as such, would weaponize it to the fullest. Some part you even believed, no, KNEW she enjoyed tormenting you. That sadistic smile that would come to her face whenever you bowed down and submitted to her will gave it away.

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