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> She plays something i don't enjoy Wwaaaaahh pander me to me please Ms. Vtuber!
Dude, i don't even play Apex but this is so fucking annoying. When i used to play Ark and the girls were playing nothing but Ark i enjoyed the shit out of it. Same with Minecraft. I have no reason to shit on Apex because i know if i liked Apex I'd be having fun. Don't watch the streams if you don't like them, or go find some indies to groom in the meantime. Stop whining so much, you're no better than those numberfags at this point.

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If the first was non consensual id be on board, but the second is pegging on male which is also hard for me to accept.

My vote is non consensual first prompt. Though i assume you won't cause you love EN girls or something. Depending on how gross the artist makes the male (please not SexyTurkey style), I'd be fine with prompt two, as final answer.

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How am I gonna fucking nut if this link doesn't WORKKKKK. Someone please snatch me the latest Risu story and the latest futa story arigathanks. It's 4Am WHY THIS LINK NO WORK

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You faggots that fetishize pubic hair are prob the same fags that talk about her farting and pissing. If not, i treat you the same way. Absolute sub human garbage. Clean shaven is the best way and the only way to go about things. The whole body, armpits, groin, ass, legs, ALL OF IT. Disgusting europeans, YWNBJ

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What the fuck is wrong with that bitch, releasing the same exact cover a week after her coworker? As her senpai she should be better than that. I'm believing that Ayame is a bitch more and more everyday.

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