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Uh...does Ina stand a chance against this boss? That was just the first stage and she lost like 60% from one attack.

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I just got jump scared by the premiere music because I forgot this was a premiere and not a live stream.

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Don't just bring that up all willy nilly.

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>6.7 hours of stream time

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Marine is actually incredibly short. Even shorter than Holos like Ayame. 150cm and her model is built like a goblin so it's much more noticeable.

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Mori, why are you trying to bring me back to the days of Inuyasha?

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>Watoto already creating chaos and destruction within 5 minutes since the session stated
Incredible, how is Ame this powerrful?

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Nah, I woke up like an hour ago so I can catch Suisei's karaoke because I love them so much.

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The Ayame experience.

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>Take a break to move to your new home
>First stream after break is a Member's Stream with no avatar
>Radio silence
>All of the sudden next stream lined
>Oh snap
>It's a zatsu with a Niji that Ayame has yet to retweet https://twitter.com/yuika_siina/status/1405514551668338692
Why is she like this?

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>Astel, I'm new to Apex do you have any tips?
>"have fun, just have fun, don't be like me, find freinds and play with them"
Astel preventing others from joining the dark side of ratting.

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[Sad news] Rikka has witnessed his hope of escaping this water filled planet exploding right before his eyes as a laser cannon shattered his dreams into smithereens.

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This is only immediately after Luna's outfit reveal. An hour after, Miyabi, HOLOTALK, Roboco Karaoke, Reine 999 part 2 and Matsuri talk about from 1st happen. Considering that most of the streams starting after Luna's outfit aren't exactly one hour that'll mean there will be at least 15 streams happening an hour after Luna's outfit reveal. And there are a lot of stream that I really want to catch.

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Hoping Olli isn't going to be streaming Apex Legends for 12 hours trying to rank from Gold IV to Gold III because I don't think she should be doing Astel levels of Apex play with her skill level. Also Lamy's Flower Shop is turning out nicely and I feel my body getting heavier by the minute.

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This is the longest 20 minutes I've ever experienced and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing at this point because this is getting incredibly detrimental to my mental state. I might just have a nightmare if I fall asleep immediately after this.

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Well, it's very likely she (?) is asleep right now.

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I was wondering what even happened in that last match and then when he showed the damage number I saw that he got krabered in the face at point blank. I don't even know how he instantly queued up for a match after that hell, my mental would have been absolutely destroyed.

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>Ayame got ANOTHER Gem and no Medullas
I feel for her. I really do.

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Please Anon, I lack the brain functionality to complete simple puzzle games which is why I avoid them as much as I avoid horror games. What makes you think I have the power to play a game that requires me to do numbers in my head.

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I think Rushia drank too much.

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Nigger, she don't even stream. After the first few weeks after her debut, she might as well be a TBA

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Cool thread.

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