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/pkg/ is genuinely 99% schizos. People just think this general is bad, they've never experienced the sheet amount of autism at /pkg/ including but not limited to:
-doxxing by making new youtube profiles with real names and photos of the girls
making up imaginary boyfriends to purposely cuck themselves
-arguing about discord when the company doesn't even have an official server
-believing the fan made discord controls the narrative and the thread direction
-and arguing about chatters and pretty much any new chatter that enters a stream like they're kiki fans
as for why they hate phase it's the same reason most do: the very mention of phase upsets schizos
They've survived quite a few bombs being dropped on their heads, but each bomb brings a new wave of schizos worse than the last

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I was going to post it in the other thread but it was already page 10 by the time I finished writing this out of frustration.
I'm miserable. It smells weird in my main bathroom, like sewage, even though I pretty much haven't used it all week and have been using a different one.
I try the baking soda and vinegar trick but the smell just comes back a few days later
>p-trap in the sink doesn't come off so am just lost
>try and be productive and clean the entire bathroom until spotless
>catch wafts of that raw sewage smell
>maybe if I just light a candle or put an air freshener
>everytime it comes back feel like a failure and just ignore it until I get used to it again
Yes I am using/pcg/ as my personal blog

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