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So...Youre just watching a stream of an old man talking about suffering from shitting spicy food and eating bread?...

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You do realize it is, right?

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>he has a huge amount of options of young vtubers who are in their prime of being the perfect woman and wife
>he's crazy about old hags who either cant get pregnant at all or would give you a child with extreme autism

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> EN

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I don't blame Kanauru at all. I blame mutts, reddit and twitter. Anyone who disagrees is a fucking faggot.

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NTA but 9 guests at Kson stream including Lord Giraffe, CondomMoneyGuy, STD-chan, PinkCatBad, SniffDeezNuts, ProjectMMD, Zentrap and some others i don't know/don'tcare can't even go past BlondeCollabDebuff-chan. Her fate is sealed.

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do nijisharts really?

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Kek, what a fucking retard holy shit...

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Is Stack the B-side?

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>Mooner hate Subaru

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But what if I watch Marine AND Noel?

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I thought anon were joking then I peak on Tempus thread few hour ago, aaand surprise some of our OC maker move out to /MANS/. Also Ayamefriend also posted there.
hlgg just turn into hlg 2.0

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You just know that this guy applied to Tempus and got rejected kek

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I've seen SEAniggers on /jp/ getting pissed at the Japanese government not approving their citizenship. Turns out being a grandchild of a rapebaby from the war isn't enough

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>WTF where are the streams??
>NO NO why are they streaming they need to all cancel their streams today to pay respect to Sana!!

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Why are you lying? I just checked some articles regarding toilet in ID and it says bidets are fairly uncommon there, it's usually a bucket of water you use to flush and clear your hands. It also says it's mostly water only and when there's soap, it's the bar kind, meaning multiple people using the same bar of soap to clear shitty hands. It was worse than i thought, but thanks for clearing it up.

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You'd think they'd be more kitted up for a big raid like this but these two are going at it like hobos with scrap guns.

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>I get the impression she's /here/
Perish the thought. She's never even heard of 4chan

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>you like ollie now
>you like homos now
Yes! Tempus is a bunch of cool dudes especially Noir but off-topic
>you like Mori now
>you hate ame now

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good, that means more people actually watch streams on that place rather than being EN circlejerk on dead hours

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I've been away since the homos debut. Unsubscribed from every single Hololive related channel, from the chuubas to the clippers.
It's weird, guess the whole parasocial thing it's true, felt genuinely heartbroken and missing the gals but at the same time felt like I had way more time on my hands to do some productive shit, just out of boredom.
Guess I'll try to go back watching some streams and clips without getting to attached and skipping this shithole.
Just a question, any updates in the past week?

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nice try

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Get back to work anontachi

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>Managenent won't let you join the server without an invitation
Ame said you need to ask management to be whitelisted to get into the server, doesn't have anything to do with Gura.
At least properly ogey your post if you're gonna rrat.

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