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You sure about that ? this is what she looks like when she´s done with you

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It was given to them originally before western position was suggested. my memories foggy on it, but I'm fairly certain they also didn't want to be put with their own gen due to reasons of them not feeling especially close to them, which is in all honestly quite fair. using my own split as an example, I'd say we have more cross post with Mep, Duck, and the Pomudachi part of Lazulight than we do with anyone in our own gen.

On top of that, moving them West, or to the mainland, at this point would be destructive, and would serve only as a mockery ritual. both me and the infinity rep have written a good amount of lore that's contingent on them being where they are right now, so moving them would uproot all of it.

don't argue in bad faith. The fact they went to them in the first place shows willingness to cooperate, and we did actually get a Risuner in the thread because of it.

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its funny how this isn't even fan fiction, its literally how Kiara presents KFP
if you're not spending every hour of the day working to satisfy her needs, then you're better off as a fast food item (which she will gladly stuff her face with)

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Kiara streaming over Mori again..

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The Intermediate Solution

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Kiara marriage!

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Kek, the Blizzard controversy is scaring management.

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Give Kiara 2 more years. Maybe 3.

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Only if she returned the favour.

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>I'm turning free will off

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So any vtubers that are Yandere or roleplay as one? Need my fix in clingy girl.

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Anon is a fucking ungrateful bitch
Does he suddenly think he's too good to collab with Kiara now? Is that it?
I used to actually kinda like him when he was smaller, but now he's getting too big for his britches.
Someone should teach him a lesson for thinking he can get away with ignoring me.

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That Ame jab with the nodding was hilarious and justified and everyone who complained about it was either an anti or a thin-skinned pussy who never experience banter in their life!

Sucks ofc that she tore her neck muscle a bit when cracking her neck but it's somrthing that usually goes away in 2 days. Also it led her to actually going to the hospital which was long overdue.

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Your cock swells within the phoenix, slowly starting to reach its zenith as your boss covers your neck and shoulder in bites and hickies, milking you for everything you can put out. At last, you relent, giving the phoenix exactly what she wants. You let out a low moan as you finally erupt within her, eliciting a groan of appreciation from your partner as she slams herself down against you, letting you empty yourself within her. Slumping back against the wall as your legs wobble, the two of you pant heavily, basking in the afterglow and warmth of Kiara’s body. You’re sickened by yourself once more – letting your arousal overwrite your judgement. Kiara slowly plants kisses up your neck and cheek before settling on your lips, running her tongue over yours as she smirks at you, eyes half-lidded.

“That’s my little employee of the month…you’ll earn that raise in no time.” She remarks, leaning in to lick at your cheek. It’s slow and deliberate. Her saliva is hot. “Keep up the good work.”

“T-Thank you, Ms. Takanashi.” You squeak out in response.

Maybe you enjoy this abuse more than you let on. Maybe this is just your way of coping with it. Slowly, Kiara untangles herself from you, sliding your wilting cock out of her with a shuddering breath.

Quickly redressing without bothering to even clean herself off, she leaves you slumped against the wall, panting for breath. Reaching the doorway, she looks back over to you, a lecherous smile plastered across her face.

“Same time tomorrow, baby. Don’t be late.”

With that, she departs, leaving you to clean yourself up and regurgitate your pride.

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Kiara Love!

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Same brother. (not a cult)

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Love my boss-wife.

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