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It's too late, the entire city must be purged.

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A yandere Kiara is hunting you, determined to make you hers. Every time she manages to track you down, you kill her in the resulting struggle, giving you just enough time to bug out and escape on the next train out of the country before she revives and remembers her obsession with you. But no matter how far you run, she always manages to find you. She chases you across the globe, from Tokyo to Vienna and beyond. With your savings drained from the constant travel, you have to resort to rubbing shoulders with the criminal underworld and selling harvested phoenix organs on the black market in order to fund your desperate escape. And along the way, you start researching mythical creatures and the occult to see if you can find a way to kill her once and for all.

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imagine being kiaras chair while she talks to chat for 10 hours after a 6 hour stream

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I read "A Visit to Sabatangan" and once again incredibly good. Who ever you are Nasfaq friend you have incredibly good understanding of how to weave personal tension into a story that get you very invested in the characters. Good use of imagery as usual and really good worldbuilding for post yab Fandeads. Ten adda ten.

I also read the Niji-Empire world building stuff is interesting but I need to see the direction its taken in before I can make a judgement on how interesting it is. So far I think there's a potentially for a lot of really cool power dynamics with how the Emperor and Shoguns hold power in different ways, but once again I need to see the moving parts put into motion in a story before I judge if its any good. So far looks VERY promising though!

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You don't have to use Chuubanite. I've written KFP without mentioning Chuubanite once. I have virtually no interest in the stuff and unironically considering writing it into cannon that KFP is especially chuubanite poor just so I have an excuse not to write anything with Chuubanite.

If you're worried about falling behind, then my advice is to find your own alternative. In my case that's being hyper militaristic, weaponizing memetic theory, and Flammenwerfers powered by Phoenix fire. In the case of Moriji its being a trade hub with really productive dockyards that sustain a huge navy. What that looks like for you will probably be different.

If you still want to use Chuubanite though, maybe Nijisanji JP general can have a limited number of large especially powerful gems, each of which are for a single members. All of which have their own unique purpose. Just my thoughts though

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You sure about that ? this is what she looks like when she´s done with you

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It was given to them originally before western position was suggested. my memories foggy on it, but I'm fairly certain they also didn't want to be put with their own gen due to reasons of them not feeling especially close to them, which is in all honestly quite fair. using my own split as an example, I'd say we have more cross post with Mep, Duck, and the Pomudachi part of Lazulight than we do with anyone in our own gen.

On top of that, moving them West, or to the mainland, at this point would be destructive, and would serve only as a mockery ritual. both me and the infinity rep have written a good amount of lore that's contingent on them being where they are right now, so moving them would uproot all of it.

don't argue in bad faith. The fact they went to them in the first place shows willingness to cooperate, and we did actually get a Risuner in the thread because of it.

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its funny how this isn't even fan fiction, its literally how Kiara presents KFP
if you're not spending every hour of the day working to satisfy her needs, then you're better off as a fast food item (which she will gladly stuff her face with)

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Kiara streaming over Mori again..

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The Intermediate Solution

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Kiara marriage!

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Kek, the Blizzard controversy is scaring management.

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Give Kiara 2 more years. Maybe 3.

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Only if she returned the favour.

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>I'm turning free will off

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So any vtubers that are Yandere or roleplay as one? Need my fix in clingy girl.

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Anon is a fucking ungrateful bitch
Does he suddenly think he's too good to collab with Kiara now? Is that it?
I used to actually kinda like him when he was smaller, but now he's getting too big for his britches.
Someone should teach him a lesson for thinking he can get away with ignoring me.

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