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Rushia. I want her to snap and revert to a foul mouthed ヤンキー delinquent verbally berating me as she takes control and doms me for the worthless trash I am that is only good for pleasing her. Then afterwards she apologizes profusely, wondering what came over her and saying she's not like that she promises, how much she loves me and how sorry she is, and I repeatedly try to tell her she doesn't need to apologize and I enjoy it and love her for who she is all the time and I feel terrible because she feels bad so I kiss her and then we just cuddle and nyanko sensei jumps ontop of us ruining the mood but causing us to laugh as it's like 5am already.

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Once more you awaken. Something is wrong. This isn't like what usually happens, you feel no pain or discomfort instead you feel... warm. You feel someone embracing you in a hug. No no no no no please. You open your eyes and realize your being held by Rushia. As she lets you go, you look at her face and see her smiling. Rushia's smile doesn't seem to reach her eyes.
"Why did you do such a silly thing? Were you just confused? At any rate, you don't need to think about anything anymore, I'm here~"
Your confusion only becomes more pronounced. What's going on? How are you back here? You seem to have died and brought back but where's the usual pain?
Rushia seems to notice your confusion and says:
"It wasn't just that new body of yours that I bound your soul to. I bound it to my own soul as well. This was the missing link, the true solution. With our two souls bound together neither of us will die as long as the other is still alive. Now... we can truly be together forever..."
Listening to her explain, you are filled with unfathomable despair. Your tense limbs go limp as you lose all energy to resist anymore. There's no way out anymore, you're stuck in this undead form forever and all that awaits you is an eternity with Rushia.
"I love you", Rushia says as she pulls you into a kiss once more. You don't struggle as your mind lets go of the wheel. 'You' are already dead, all that's left in your mind is her, the love of your life.
Just Rushia.

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