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Alright. A castle takes time, resources, planning, people. It gets a lot harder to organize all of that when there are essentially monsters all over the land you’re trying to build on. Imagine you and a group of friends trying to put together a Lego Death Star while a guy is shooting paintballs at you.

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Maybe a 4 at best. I’m not even going to watch them on debut, I’ll just catch it later or something. I can’t bring myself to give a shit about the new wave, especially without Rosemi around.

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Until I finish at least a fourth of the rework. As it currently stands I’m nothing more than dead weight on this thread, I’ve contributed nothing for weeks now and it’s disgraceful. I realize I had been doing nothing but riding on the title of being the only niji rep for the longest time now. Seeing the others work as hard as they do, I now realize just how useless I am. So I want to fix that. The best way to do that, I believe, is to stop myself from posting entirely until I get that work done and my documented lore actually reflects what’s in my head. Simply put, I’m worthless and I am going to try to fix that.
That might be the case as well, yeah.

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I cannot begin to explain all of my problems with this, I feel like a blood vessel is going to burst in my brain right now. I have shit I need to do that I pushed off for Rosemi’s stream, but I can assure you that I will absolutely get to this the first chance I get. Archive anons, do not fucking archive that. I apologize if I seem heated, but things are not going well for me right now, I can’t watch Rosemi, there’s an emergency I have to attend that shouldn’t even fucking concern me, and my nerves are extremely fucking thin. I will be back later.

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Ah. Yeah that’s fair. Panon does enjoy his wars. I’m more focused on speculative biology and societal junk. If you’re interested in being part of /rose/ I’d suggest giving my stuff a good read. Maybe glance the “meeting squirrels” story in the cross thread section. I’m far from the best writer, but you get some decent lore when you look past the cringe. After that, you’ve got free reins to talk to me about whatever. If you’ve got any ideas we can work on them together and such. I’m away from home for a while due to family complications, so I won’t be able to flesh out a lot of the work I’ve been wanting to do, but I’ve got a lot in the works!

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It’s tempting, but I’d feel bad making some stranger buy stuff for me… I’ll scrounge up the extra cash and pay for shipping and stuff myself. I really appreciate the offer, though.

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Rosemi makes my primal urges grow

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Damn dude, sorry that I'm at least wanted. Even if it's not in a way I want.
I guess that's better, I'm just tired of being seen as some girly boy.

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I'm 198cm, try me.
Oh shit, didn't expect to see you here.
I'm still not submissive, it's not going to happen.

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We have a dedicated schizo. Also a Pomudachi posted in there talking about being an ex-Rosebud and that riled the buds up further. I believe I've said it before, but Rosebuds hate it when you just come in and say that sort of stuff.

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Not even Rosemi wants to play Valorant, she's just doing it out of peer pressure. I fucking hate this.

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What? Anon, don't be silly. Rosemi's home country is the US. She's a full blooded United States American.

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Sorry for the delay, ever since the storm my computer has been... Uncooperative to say the least. At first it was a rare crash, but things have been getting worse. Responses may be a tad curt due to aggravation.
It should be fine. I imagine you can just work on modern times when you get to it.
It's okay, I understand how that sort of thing goes.
Their long term objective would initially be to return home, but there's a good chance they'll eventually come to the conclusion that things have changed too much. They've been gone for many years and they've become far too different compared to a normal Rosebuta due to everything they've seen. With that knowledge, after some time since they wouldn't come to that conclusion right away, they might try to form their own new faction of Rosebutas dedicated to the mass cleansing of schizos. Not all of them might accept this and decide to try and make the long trek home anyways. Not sure how well that makes sense, I'm pretty out of it. I hope that all checks out.

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Then he better use those smarts of his properly and hand over that sect to us.

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I was just throwing out fanbase names, to be completely honest I still need to catch up on the newest chapters. Makes sense that they have to be stronger to deal with that big old threat, though.
It sucks man, my oshi is too cute in every picture so I can't even help it. No matter what, people are just going to assume I'm cute or whatever by association.
I'll tear you in two with my bare hands.
Simply put, they're giant, crazed, and monstrous Rosebutas. They can crack a skull with one hand. Check Rosebud lore for a somewhat outdated description.

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do plants even have body heat?

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do you like cute boys? just wonderintg

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Nice! She hit 250k so fast I wonder what she'll end up doing.

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A beautiful Rose would never be unmarried and alone

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