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When you finally realized what had happened Kiara was on the floor cupping a hand to her swollen cheek.
You’d hit her. You’d hit your girlfriend.
All your anger immediately vanished as you crouched down to comfort her, but when you tried to bring a hand to her face to get a better look she simply slapped it away. Kiara then stood up and walked to the bedroom, never once looking at you. You didn’t dare follow her, so you just slept on the couch that night.
When you woke the next morning, Kiara had already left for work. You decided to skip breakfast and headed to work yourself.
After that night, things only got worse. Your own guilt coupled with Kiara continuing to taker her frustrations out on you at work and at home lead to your work peformance dropping heavily. Whenever you tried to tell Kiara to stop berating you, to calm down she simply sneered and asked:
„Or what? Are you going to hit me again?“
Those words stabbed through to your heart every time and so you simply swallowed your complaints and growing frustrations and let it build inside you.
You didn’t really know why you did what you did that day. Work wasn’t particularly worse than usual and Kiara didn’t really spit any more venomous words at you than you were used to. You’d even managed to get home early, a rare occurance these days. You were sitting in the living room just enjoying the silence when you suddenly got a phone call. It was your subordinate from KFP, apparently one of the new hires had fucked up big time, and a matter required your urgent attention. The hire was one you’d trained personally, made sure they could do their job perfectly. How could they have messed up this badly? You weakly replied you’d get over there as soon as possible, and hung up the phone

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