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What the hell is Bae even talking about?

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>xbox live I fucked your mom

Xbox live is like 20 years old at this point.

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>brand only exists because of people like Mr. Koro and fubucking
>"yes, but, hololive deserves this cut of the money"

Honestly being "fair", jobs are like this in general where you need some airtight jew contract wizardry in writing or else they'll be like "oh yeah we'll pay you X" and then they tell you it's actually Y because you didn't get it in writing. Oh what's that you need to get laptops for people to use or some shit for this big project? Well you're gonna have to buy that shit yourself home dawg but don't worry if you file with HR then in 12 months they *might* reimburse you.

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>thinking agents of the CIA, FSB and MI6 are here telling OP he's a fag because they, personally, have an agenda to suppress male vtubers

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When she says mom, does she mean the artist for her 2D model or does she mean her actual mother?

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>1:23:53 There's no problem with me just ending the stream suddenly, right?
>1:23:58 Ending? I don't have one
This is true kusogaki power jesus christ. Where did Hololive find THIS one.

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I've made these edits since /jp/...

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I don't feel like being scared this early in the morning.

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All of the Hololive members interested in Smash are introverts (exception of Fubuki...maybe.) and probably couldn't set up a tournament.

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Bae's playing all the music I religiously listened to years ago.

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>Its another 'autistic manchildren try to analyze social dynamics in the interactions between women pretending to be anime woman' timeloop

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There's no way Bae is older than 21.

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Wait fuck she's actually graduating?

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Towa is going to die from a heart attack at this rate.

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>Stuck in a dangerous area
>Let's split up!
What is this, a B-List Horror Movie? Yuul's definitely dying first.

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That's because that is based on one of his works. Probably his most famous one.

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What is Gura even talking about?

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>Nipples are censored
>The penis isn't

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