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These low numbers those shitty designs,
I gotta save them...

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Mysta... I will take you to a good restaurant...and your mom too...

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But... but... I thought tracing was a good thing.

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I want to do something nice for Mysta on his birthday but I can't think of anything, it's a month away. I just want him to have something nice that also lets him know people appreciate him since he said he never celebrates it anymore due to no one caring. I saw Hayama fans made a picture with fan's written messages and congratulations, would this general be opposed to compiling small messages for him. I'll even fashion a unique card for anons to write on.

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>puked minutes before stream
>can't stop coughing and hiccuping due ti that
>has said he's lonely tons of times and had no friends for years
>cried merely thinking about his new found friends in Luxiem
>scared of the dark and imagines stalkers chasing him when he has to leave the house at night
>not even his family gives him presents for his birthday or christmas so he doesn't celebrate it

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Good night...

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