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>OffKai is the first time Mouse has ever been to a convention
>she got to be one of the featured guests and meets tons of precious family in person
I hope Mousey is making lots of wonderful memories this weekend

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>Layna expected us to be assholes over this
Layna if you're reading this please believe in us

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>VOD Mouse can't do VR yet
>Today Mouse is a VR fiend
She's come so far

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It didn't occur to me until she said it that she can't even do something like hug her own mother


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I love these girls so fuckin' much boys

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>last live 7 days ago

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>only started really watching vtubers a few months ago
>never watched Coco outside of her presence in other girls' streams
>still tearing up watching this from the outside
What the fuck man, this shit ain't fair

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I want Mousey to be able to sing like this again

She loves singing so much. It's immediately obvious every time she gets into it. It's a fucking crime she's had to lose so much of her voice.

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