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Sora definitely doesn't support your tribalfaggotry

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Sora and Mito respect each other

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>he doesn't know

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There's a reason they don't let them collab anymore.

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so that he can "own" nijifags for disrespecting Sora. it's pretty obvious that he's samefagging

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is that one retard being tribalistic and shit flinging both sides hoping someone would bite?

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to be fair, Sora is scared of big numbers. also, I understand why the other girls are afraid of her because if you say the wrong thing and sully her name/image, you are going to catch flak. this is where Mito's shitposting image helps because it makes her kouhai easier to connect with her whereas Sora represents the idol aspect of Hololive that you're not allowed to taint.

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fuck off your tribalistic baits. use someone else instead. anyone else who replies to this is a shitposter and a newfag

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anyone who shitposts with Sora/Mito and is tribalistic about it is a newfag.
>b-but they shitpost X first
don't give me that bullshit. if you reply to those baits you're just as bad

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