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You reckon anyone will join Ina during her minecraft stream?
I'm sure the US girls are up and running.

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based gook weeb

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Your eyes snap open at the sound.

You are alone supposedly in your room late at night, laying on your side staring at your white spackled wall.


You feel a thrill crawl up your spine, you are not alone.

Slightly more awake now, you feel a unearthly presence behind you, its both terrifying and wrong feeling, yet comforting and welcoming like a old friend. A almost overwhelming sense of dread fills your gut, but at the same time a immense sense of curiosity screams at you to turn over and see just whats behind you.


Unable to take anymore, you reluctantly turn over to face whatever unknown awaits you.

Seemingly sitting on a throne made from her own tentacles, Ninomae Ina'nis stared at you with a bemused expression. A inky purple tentacle wriggled to her lips clutching a half eaten taco, and she peeled back the wrapping with her slender fingers slowly.


Looking you dead in the eye, her small, barely containing its smile lips parted, and wrapped around the crispy yellow taco shell.


Any sense of fear has flown out the window, and you sit up with a grunt. "What time is it?" you mutter trying to look at your alarm clock, but a convent purple inky fog clouds it's lcd display.


A look of barely contained joy flashes across Ina's attempt at a dead pan face, and she oozes closer to you, carried by her writhing mass of tentacles, till shes roughly an inch or two away from your face. She takes one final bite of her taco, her thin lips curling upwards around the taco shell.


"Its Tako time." She purred, her low voice melted into the room.

A tentacle carrying a small white plastic bag with Taco bell's branding, containing a single taco, slithered up to you, and dropped it on your lap.


You sit up with a grunt.

Usually you hate your alarm for waking you up from dreams, but that was getting ridiculous. You start to wonder if it meant anything, and what you were going to do today, until you noticed it. Across from you sitting on a steel folding chair, was a small white taco bell bag.

And inside that bag, was a single crunchy taco.

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Haven't been here in a bit, whacha been up to?

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I might have chosen the worst possible time to come in. What the fuck happened here?

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Absolutely fucking based

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>>What is ritualposting
Tako, not like this...

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kuroboshi best work is kinonotabi

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ok, i am gonna do it for next thread

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Give me your strongest ina puns.
Need them for something

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I'm holding hands with her as I type this, don't delude yourselves

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her watchful eyes never rest

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can i have some image reactions for my folder

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