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Look, if you guys really want to know what a gura fellatio feels like then stick razor blades in a tube

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I think that if you're looking for someone to just roleplay as a girlfriend, then a GFE vtuber is perfectly fine for that on an emotional level just like a whore is fine on a physical level. Just remember that it's all roleplay. Just like you shouldn't actually fall in love with a whore and want to marry her, you shouldn't feel that way about GFE vtubers either. It's just roleplay with a character, it is what it is and is nothing more than that.

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I'm gonna start cum maxxing next week
Will post results

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Euro Truck Simulator you say? Interesting, most interesting.

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>blue woman who doesn't hang around men

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post some of them

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Now do one for Gura.

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She joined hololive because she thought it was a girl's club where could safely groom and molest other women in peace. She's upset because now she has competition for all that mentally ill pussy

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It's discord glownigger grooming but on /vt/ instead. This will only end one of two ways, either being forced into HRT and sex slavery, or being gaslit into shooting up a school. Maybe both if you're particularly unlucky.

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I'm going to upset Mumei into not streaming.

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Chumbuds, I smell blood in the water

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This brat needs correction

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>he fell for the vtuber music meme

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God I missed her

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Sharks also have two penises...

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Time for another TABS watchalong?

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>they are still pretending it's all me
It's so funny watching you guys call me pathetic for pointing out some unpleasant facts about Gura while pretending that every single post that doesn't agree with your viewpoint is me and regularly falseflagging as me to cope.

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>reddit tier

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Just scratched my nutz, i bet she'd like a whiff.

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No replies led to him posted his favorite fetish porn in an attempt to convince people that an off-topic white guy is black.

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Less than a month!

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Gura's idea of making cunny versions of all the girls is unironically brilliant. I can assure you that a lot of them would do a lot better if they were cunnies.

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