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It’s been around half a year since you met her, met Kiara. You were one of the first new hires to KFP since she made her debut on the vtubing scene. You’d always admired her for her positivity and work ethic, and as far as bosses went she was great to work for. You were working late one night, showing a new hire how to do their job when you happened to get a chance to talk to her privately. You hit it off pretty well, and eventually your relationship grew into a romantic one. Those first few months of your relationship were wonderful, you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to find such an amazing girlfriend.
But as time went on, things began to decay between you two. Kiara’s vtubing career became more stressful as she struggled with self doubt and the vitriol she received on a daily basis began to affect your relationship. Her negative mental state began to affect her work at KFP and she often took it out on you, berating you for the smallest mistakes or even when a subordinate of yours screwed up.
It just kept snowballing and soon it wasn’t just confined to work, the abuse continued at home and you found living with her was quickly becoming unbearable. Yet, despite all that had gone wrong, you still loved her and wanted to be with her. So you gritted your teeth, endured the abuse and just kept working and supporting Kiara. Things would get better soon, they had to. The hate Kiara got would die down soon, her moods would recover and things would go back to the way they were.
But then came the day that things spiraled out of control. Work was terrible, standards at KFP had fallen heavily and no one was motivated. Customers weren’t happy and as manager you became the center of their unsatisfaction. You put on a forced smile and beared it though, for Kiara. Eventually the work day came to an end, although much later than usual. You’d had to stay late to get things in order for tomorrw, multiple workers had quit and you had to make sure you could make do without them.
When you finally made it home, close to midnight. The first thing that you heard was not the voice of a loving girlfriend welcoming you home, or being concerned for you. When you got past the entryway, all you got were more insults. Kiara was angry. She berated you for being late, accused you of not caring about her. When you told her what had happened at work, she simply called you incompetent. Listening to her derision, something snapped inside of you. You blacked out for a moment.

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