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This boyfriend?

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I'm starting to believe that she's actually a really cutthroat bitch

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Saving thread

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It's too late. The cultural shift can't be stopped.
People in the west didn't start as unicorns.
They became unicorns.
Nijisanji is creating thousands of unicorns as we speak. Turns out some of them are discovering being cucked live is not fun. More will.
Some will pretend to be ok with it. Some will lie to themselves to the very end. Some will in turn become shippers. This is fine.
The important part, the crucial part, is that those who didn't knew they were unicorns will realize who they really are, and the net number of them will increase.
A year ago no one would had sent Mori a superchat about condoms. They are growing stronger. If Hololive doesn't pander to them, someone else will, and they will be the ones that take away their crown.
Check out Kawaii.

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glad you think so. but take your time. its perfectly reasonable to be afraid of m*les.

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Because you are the only one taking this personally, Gael, and you should: you and Rin are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with male vtubers.

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Enjoy the next 7 hours while you can

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>failed vdaters

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Go away, male

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Miko has a twitch channel.
Gift her subs to several male chuubas of your choice

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Migoposter where are you?
this thread if overrun with >m*les

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when everyone's m*le, no one is

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Because groomers figured out long ago the easiest way to get closer to anime women was to become a vtuber.
Now tell me male chuuba, is your heart pure?

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That's the twitter sphere with their weird positivity.
Males here for example know very well they are NGMI.

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The virgin male vtuber

>just a guy in a hoodie, sometimes animal ears.
>got in to get close to his oshi, she wouldn't give him the time of the day anyway.
>permanent malehera attacks because of low views
>hates streaming just does to get a gf
>will never get raided by IronMouse
>Is creepy on dms
>everyone hates when his name shows up in chats
>uses a trip

The chad male viewer

>respects his oshi boundaries, only wishes for her success.
> does everything out of love, wishing nothing in return
> adored by his chuuba who understand how valuable a loyal viewer is
>IronMouse knows him because she holds a spreadsheet too, and loves him as well. Would raid him if she could.
>Never dms or only does so if it's extremely important.
>Chuubas loves seeing their name popping on chats because it means her chat is not full of other chuuba and Watameposters won't close it immediately
> Always an anon.

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say it after me,/vt/:
i hope we will be together forever

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Gimme five more fags

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No that was Miko

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>Host a sports festival
>Don't invite any of the EN members to participate
How long is cover going to keep pretending the EN girls don't exist? They failed to capitalize on their explosive growth and just left them to fend for themselves. Literally any other company would have turned them into the most popular vtubers ever but instead they refuse to even collab with Gura because they're so intimidated.

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you won't forget her /hlgg/, will you?

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