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I'm still 50/50 on whether that's the OG Rosebud or just a Rosebud.

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How many times to we have to go through this? It's fake unless there's video proof with a timestamp. It better be fake.

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I don't think it's healthy to be wearing a dildo 24/7.

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This is missing something...

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Small on the scale. Keep in mind it's competing with the likes of Poteet, Michi Megasatan, Divegrass Brotherwars, Lietnam, etc.

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This is the current placeholder as Saya has no "official" squibby.
The graduation is going to be referenced but unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of that specific thread. Decisions aren't final but maybe something to do with Yuri come home.

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So they're doing their job? Good.

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>Implying loliconcon likers aren't the most delusional

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You know, I don't even remember anymore.

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Unfortunately, turning this into a gif would kill the image quality. A webm with a length equal to the sound might work but there's no way to know if it'll fit with file size limits. It's also a skillset I lack and would have to learn.

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>Anons watching 2 anime women have an e-date in a Roblox Korean BBQ
How did we get here?

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I got excited for a second too.

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Immigration to Canada is extremely difficult unless you're a """refugee.""" You might be able to pass her off as one if you can figure out a way to classify her black company as a warzone.

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I unironically believe we have Nijisister tourists now.

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A weird mix of happy and sad.

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So close to greatness.

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I want to believe but part of me knows the real one is still dead.

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Who is it now?

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Next time.

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I'll give it a shot but I make no promises it'll go well.
Cheeky bastard

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Maybe you should go to bed.

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You okay? That one was pretty late.

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But I'm not gay

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