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Of course she's playing Rust

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Man, I love blue Bird

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Yeah there's basically two psychological functions at play here.
Humans have a built in system to learn by imitating their peers, specially their parents (childhood), their peers (teenagers) and the top dudes in their hierarchy (adulthood).
The second one is how the conscious mind deals with concepts which are "avatars" of more broad, unconscious types. (like in platonic metaphysics where the ideal/unconscious object like say, "the ideal ball", would be the type, and the conscious/real object is the "real balls"). You could say the datasets being fed to visual recognition AIs like the captchas that ask you to identify a certain object are trying to reverse engineer the "type of X" by feeding it endless real instances of said object.

Types and imitation both go into the reason why mankind is religious and the influence of heroes (the ideal role model) and villains (the ideal anti-role model), and of course there's also the community aspect, and the selective pressure on memes and behavior because of the different levels of survival and reproduction fitness they each grant.
And types are compatible both with spiritual and physical metaphysics so it's broad enough for you to fit your metaphysics of choice.

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with that /out/ match, surely /vst/ can perform another miracle with their match against /n/ right?

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Ame is so distracted that she hasn't read a single superchat. Imagine if someone just tried to grab her monocle hairpin or something right now haha, do you think she'd notice?

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/vt/ plays in an hour

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100% He's gonna be late.

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You are Friend!

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and may it stay that way

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Are you gonna tell us about your shoe size now?

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Huh, it happens to others?
I thought it was just a me thing because of my tastes. Fubuki sometimes has these weird "sinister" moments. They're not common, but they're some of my favorite moments. Mumei has had a lot of those in a short time though, and in english to boot.
Actually now that I think about it, I'm starting to think I just want a cute girl with vague intentions to threaten me.

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I love you fubufish poster

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So which Holo is the most Morbius of them all?

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They're STILL mad at FBK?

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>tako gf

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>Rough weight (Skinny, fit, fat, ect.)
For me, its
>Moderately fit
>FBK, although I've been watching Pomu a lot recently (well when she isn't collabing, so hardly ever)

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lol, no. I am just shitposting
I've been bored all day and now seeing Kiki gave me excess energy

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How does she do it bros

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Looks okay
>10 holo
>1 niji
>2 small corpos
>1 indie
>6 /vt/ memes
>1 /vt/ project (HFZ)
>1 Kizuna AI
>1 Ceo of Sex (holo-indie)

I know it's not the point, but proportion wise, my ideal proportion would be:
>3niji (pomu+ENmale+mito/tokyoghoul)
>2 small corpos (PhaseConnect/VOMS)
>1 vshojo (Pink Cat as a heel)
>1 punished/ex (Artia/kson/Rushia/Magnet)
>1 /here/ (lumi/bea/koopa/kiki)
>1 /wvtligmaballs/ (SarueiDrama / wife_dm / CEO of Reps Ninaninin / Shimada for dual indie-Tsunderia rep / OurChickenLife)
>5 /vt/ memes
>1 HFZ
>1 Kizuna/Eilene
>1 CEO of Sex
That's just my wishlist, but I'll take the poll roster

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Good. All holos should have glasses.

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