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>talented as in singing/drawing

well Sana is a talented drawer ~ so this much checks out.

Problem is singing... how to put this into perspective. None of them are Gura, Mori or Irys. at worse they're Ina level, at best they are just worst then those three listed above (not much though).

But the real problem is they aren't very great streamers.


Koronii has the GFE down pat, and her speaking voice is top tier; since no one in Myth really nails down that niche, she'll grow well because no one else in EN provides that experience, even if she's a shitty game streamer, she'll have an audience and will easily hit 1mil subs before anyone else in council.

Fauna actually is filling a similar niche with the slightly ditzy elder sister type GFE. It sorta works... better then the rest of her streaming content at least.

The Owl is gunning for the the cute pill. she's also nailing down the autist/special needs experience. Overall she's basically Gura minus the real gremlin energy, dumber and with no where near the singing or streaming skills (she's painful to watch when streaming). She might grow into a power but right now she's making it purely on cute energy, not on quality content.

The Rat is just dull. she doesn't bring much of anything to the table. for the embodiment of chaos she's remarkably low energy and worse, she's fake, she comes off as terrible fake.

Sana is a goofy weirdo. Easily the most entertaining GAME streamer if her humor appeals to you (definitely a YMMV streamer), able to find amusement in pretty much any game experience and turn it into a laugh, either through good gaming skills (the best in her gen) or weird personality. She's also the best artist in her gen, might be the best artist in hololive. mediocre slightly better then ina-tier singer, and a slight speech impediment plus an unpopular avatar combined with her weird personality filter her viewership hard. she'll probably overtake the rat some day once she finds her niche/core appeal; but until people warm to her goofy personality she'll lag behind the rest of the council badly.

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