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You niggers are subhumans i dont feel an ounce of apathy towards you niggers at all you're lesser than insects. i'd stab your eye balls with anything i could get my hands on ad gouge them out if i ever come to cross paths with you nijinogs

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I'll hammer your skull with a rock, phasebrown.

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sure, fuck off with your low quality chuuba , from plappa plapkin connect, phasebrown.

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>ITT: Nijifemoids seethe
Go wash your vags nijisissies, your falseflagging ain't working gor sht, you're too stinky. go shoo shoo, take a shower.

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how would she even find out? does she open your packages? browse your internet history? read your bank statements?

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I hope all pomunigger beggars a violent death tbdesu

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oh nyo nyo nyo nyo nyo

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Holy shit , just kys already sempaifam

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Can't wait for NijiEN to get folded like NijiID. Imagine the mass suicide of Nijisissies. I am so ERECT. holy shit.

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Go back nigger faggot. you're wasting space for posting atrocious ledditor tier posts

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Nijisanji and Nijiniggers were a mistake. i look forward to NijiEN's closure and the Nijisissies's mass suicide.

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>Nijisissy pissing their pants before the stream could even start
Trouble in paradise? feeling threatened perhaps?

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You wish ennacuck. even ledditors make fun of your mental illness.

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Phase vermins try not to beg challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

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lol lmao. Phasevermins really be thinking they're allies. you're a nasty vermin. who are you to talk about respect. beg more beggar faggot. i'll fill your stomach full of chlorine and rat poison. litte nasty vermin niggerfaggot.

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>6 fingers

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Enna and the rest of Nijishitters numbers need to be shown everyday for the laughs. NijiEN's the laughing stock of the industry right now, it's only natural that their shitter numbers should be posted daily.

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Nijisissies had a melty over Hololive gals being able to live their dream. what else do you want to know

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Kill Niji liver organs
Behead Niji liver organs
Slam Niji liver organs to the ground
Choke Niji liver organs
Roundhouse kick Niji liver organs
Sucker punch Niji liver organs

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Only Nijisissies are obsessed with SC knowing well that it's their liver organ's highest money maker, because they only get 2% from merch.


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you phasebrowns and nijiniggers really can't stop dragging Holo to your bullshit huh. you faggots should be banished to /trash/ for this extremely low quality thread, fucking apes, the lot of you.

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Actual brain damage on display

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kek. All that bravado calling out muh boogeyman /vt/ , using 4chin lingo only to backtrack and pretend you don't browse 4chin to get brownie points from ledditors. >>69755184

Nekomikuri, you're a GIGANTIC FAGGOT by the way. makes sense cause you're a Nijinigger afterall.

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