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>want to check out selen
>she plays apex

i cannot get over my seething hatred for this game. it is the desecrated corpse of titanfall 3 and to see so many people love it makes me livid. not to mention it's just a boring game to watch after having played FPS for years.

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I really wish Sonny stopped doing his cringe fanservice at the end of his stream for donation money.

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It looks like fucking garbage

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>big tits with womanly curves
>but also fit enough to have abs and noticeable muscles
my fucking dick

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you guys didn't actually get spooked by that terrible jumpscare right?
you even got prior warning

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>she's not retarded

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No... I'm sorry... AAAAAAAAHHHH

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>TFW never had an onee-san bribe me with yugioh cards after making me do lewd things with her
I hate that I can feel this much jealousy at once.

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