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>he is sexually attracted to literal fucking shit
how does that even work, what about it makes you hard

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> It probably has always been like this, >we just didn't notice.
Every single fucking question relating to the EN branch just always comes down to the fact that it's been two fucking YEARS since council debuted and there's ZERO signs of EN3 being anywhere on the fucking Horizon.

Once again, reminder that it's been 983 days since the very first Hololive English member's debut.

Here's a peek at the first 983 days of the Hololive JP branch -
2017-09-07: Cover starts Hololive with just Tokino Sora as a mascot for their tech.
2017-12-22: Auditions for 2nd member opened.
2017-12-25: Sora's Christmas miracle puts her in the spotlight.
Total number of JP talents : 1
Days since Branch started : 115

2018-03-04: Roboco debut. (+1)
2018-05-02: Gen1 auditions. Closed on 13th May, 11 days later.
2018-05-13: Yozora Mel debut. (+1)
2018-06-01: Shirakami Fubuki debut. (+1)
2018-06-02: Natsuiro Matsuri debut. (+1)
2018-06-02: Akai Haato debut. (+1)
2018-06-02: Hitomi Chris debut. (+1)
2018-06-07: Aki Rosenthal debut. (+1)
2018-06-25: Hitomi Chris fired. Artist contract terminated the next day. (-1)
2018-08-01: Sakura Miko debuts under Cover corp. (+1c)
2018-08-08: Minato Aqua debut. (+1)
2018-08-17: Murasaki Shion debut. (+1)
2018-09-03: Nakiri Ayame debut. (+1)
2018-09-05: Yuzuki Choco debut. (+1)
2018-09-17: Oozora Subaru debut. (+1)
2018-11-15: AzKi debut under Cover corp. (+1c)
2018-12-06: Hololive Gamers announced.
2018-12-07: Ookami Mio debut, Fubuki redebut as part of Gamers. (+1)
2018-12-25: Sakura Miko transferred to Hololive. (-1c, +1)
Total number of Hololive JP talents : 14
Total number of Cover corp. JP talents : 15
Days since Branch started : 480

2019-03-22: Fubuki announces Okakoro debuting under Gamers.
2019-04-06: Nekomata Okayu debut. (+1)
2019-04-13: Inugami Korone debut. (+1)
2019-05-19: AzKi and former indie Hoshimachi Suisei moved to Inonaka Music under Cover corp. (+1c)
2019-06-13: Auditions for 3 members of Gen3 announced. Closed on 23rd June, 10 days later.
2019-07-07: Pekora and Rushia announced.
2019-07-07: Usada Pekora debut. (+1)
2019-07-18: Uruha Rushia debut. (+1)
2019-08-01: Names of the rest of Gen3 announced, along with twitter debuts.
2019-08-07: Shiranui Flare debut. (+1)
2019-08-08: Shirogane Noel debut. (+1)
2019-08-11: Houshou Marine debut. (+1)
2019-11-29: Suisei announced that she would be transferred to Hololive main branch.
2019-12-01: Suisei officially transferred to Hololive (-1c, +1)
2019-12-02: Holostars and Inonaka merged under Hololive Production.
2019-12-25: Coco, Kanata, Watame twitter debut.
2019-12-27: Amane Kanata debut. (+1)
2019-12-28: Kiryuu Coco debut. (+1)
2019-12-29: Tsunomaki Watame debut. (+1)
2019-12-31: Towa and Luna twitter debut.
Total number of Hololive JP talents : 25
Total number of Cover corp. JP talents : 26
Days since Branch started : 845

2020-01-03: Tokoyami Towa debut. (+1)
2020-01-04: Himemori Luna debut. (+1)
As of May 19 2020, it would be 983 days since Tokino Sora's debut, kickstarting Hololive.
Total number of Hololive JP talents : 27
Total number of Cover corp. JP talents : 28

Meawhile, with the EN branch -
2020-09-12: HoloEN starts with Mori Calliope and Takanashi Kiara debut. (+2)
2020-09-13: Ninomae Ina'nis, Gawr Gura and Amelia Watson debut. (+3)
2020-11-23: Auditions for VSinger announced. Ended on January 29, 2 months later.
Total number of Hololive EN talents : 5
Days since Branch started : 110

2021-02-12: Auditions for Gen2 announced. Lasted until 26th March (1.5 months)
2021-07-11: Irys debut (+1)
2021-08-16: Council announced on twitter.
2021-08-23: Tsukumo Sana, Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Nanashi Mumei and Hakos Baelz debut. (+5)
Total number of Hololive EN talents : 11
Days since Branch started : 475

2022-07-31: Sana graduation. (-1)
Total number of Hololive EN talents : 10
Days since Branch started : 983

Want a couple of more fun facts?
> Kiryuu Coco's entire career lasted for 551 days.
> Time from last Council debut and today is 699 days
Yes, Coco's entire fucking CAREER lasted for less than the time between EN2 and EN3.
THAT is how big of an opportunity cost that Cover have missed out on.

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The answer, as always, is money.

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>Are they on the same team as you anon?
Are you saying the relationship of a fan and creator is just a negative parasitic thing? You appreciate them and they appreciate you, you're friendly to eachother, you're allies. In that context its not that outrageous to say you are friends in that moment. But of course if you are a socially awkward loser then the term friend becomes a really personal issue. Pekora wins this match, cuckling.

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I cant believe kson duped pikamee into becoming michael's new babysitter lmao

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Suisei schizos really are some of the most pathetic ones on the board, they literally have to make shit up to even pretend they have something on her because she's squeaky clean


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what fucking damage control retard, she said the exact same thing she said during the stream. if you thought that's damage control because it sounds too friendly it means you just outed yourself as a retarded schizo who's either a threadreader or deliberately blowing things out of proportion.

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>shitposters LARPing as unicorns and beggars basically talking and falseflagging to themselves and each other
Interesting case of mental illness. Boredom is one hell of a drug.

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>Slowly loses the ability to move freely as he becomes a stiff vtuber model

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>a real girl who liked vtubers as well

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bruh the only isekai Bae has watched is Inuyasha

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How did they get an Easter egg up pekora's snatch while she was sleeping?

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>Tokoyami Towa: 2½

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>20x: Hololive
>1x: Nijisanji

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Kek, Niji is so proud of their yearly koshien event that they cant allow this kind of baseball related jork being thrown around

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It wasn't recorded? I thought Council went home.

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Peko runs this company. Bow down, filthy peasants.

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Man, I feel like KFP are everywhere. Mori's reading a bunch of SCs from them.

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> won with sword

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