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Why not just save some money and hire some of these really expensive ones? They're super careful about this stuff.

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Where do you send Selen your steam profile?

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I'm watching Pomu's pov using mpv and my computer feels so much faster even tho i'm using two monitors

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I feel like Mito is trying to imply something in this picture but I don't know what

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Pomu didn't really talk about her surgery until it happened though. Do people just not bother watching streams before creating bait now?

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Isn't this shit normal? Tons of people focus on their job to not focus on their depression

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Is kbbq better than brazilian steakhouses?

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>Only 6'6
>Hands not that big
How Michael was so good..

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How straight male friendly is Aster? I wanna watch the EtG stream

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What's your honest opinion on Iluna?

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What's up with all the hate? Honest question

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Give it to me straight what are the odds of them being good?

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Did Finana watch Drive to Survive? I asked Ryuguards here but it seems like nobody knows.

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Who even wants a Pomu and Kiara collab?

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>have sex while being asexual.

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How about streaming to entertain your audience while keep a healthy balance of things you like instead of going from being an absolute numberfag to (possibly) just doing what you want?

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On a scale of 1-10 how hyped are you for Iluna?

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I mean, maybe extremely close roommates? I still want to find a partner to support and love. Do you think you can't have both things at once?

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How is that a dealbreaker? Multiple of the Holo girls already have confirmed boyfriends and multiple have already collabed with males. I don't see how a male wave changes anything.

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The place where happiness won't fade away?

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I never thought about that but what if you're left-handed? Isn't it a pain to have a ring in your main hand?

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What happened?

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Isn't the smart pistol bad in tf2?

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Wasn't full-plate common during the late medieval period?

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