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great thread, everyone.

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Miko is not cute at all, in fact she is a grown woman.

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Why's everything a competition to you guys?

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PekoMiko cold war....

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People have been claiming for months now that should a talent graduate their roommate would receive the same amount of support as their Holo self did, and they've been using Kson as an example. It's time to see if that claim actually holds any water.

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Remember when you could actually discuss Hololive on this board? When drama and contrived narratives didn't seep into 50 separate threads, thinly veiled /pol/ threads were purged and Twitter screencap threads were banned? When unity was the mantra and people posting in threads would actually discuss the vtubers themselves instead of erotic fanart of them? When containment breachers and Redditors were shunned instead of welcomed with open arms? When people actually did their archive reps instead of interpreting a refusal to spoonfeed as an admission of defeat? What went so fucking wrong so fast?

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