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Why do chumbies never have notifications on?

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If Watame's recent MV is anything to go off of, i expect the animations to be 10/10, but the music to be dog shit, especially with Ms. Hamsterdance shark pretending she didn't try her hardest to memorize her lines 5 minutes before the recording session

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Are they woke now? How about the oxford dictionary. It has the same definition there too

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How the hell did cover forget to write amelias name down?

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>Haachama fucked off for 8 months while sporadically hanging out with Hoshikawa and the Holo JP girls
>Even attended and performed at one of the concerts
>Comes back
>'Uhhh, i was.....sick?'
>'But i don't wanna name the illness, just trust me bro'
>'I was bedridden for those 9 odd months, don't read into it'
>Haatons eat that shit up and don't stop pouring the money
Yea, Gura is in 0 need to explain herself. She will take all the time she wants, come back, say she had the sniffles, and her chat will be flooded with akasupas all the same

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Gura dies from suicide, Bijou, Filian, and fucking Pippa of all people, are slowly consuming her spot

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>Receive [one] pittance stream in the form of a collab
Chumbud mindbreak is on another level

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>if gura isnt here then you MUST switch over to another chuuba
>its the ONLY logical way
>the chuuba life is the only life you MUST join us

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Didn't even know she was gone until you told me she was back! Guess i need to add her in with the JP blondes and AZKi on "Do they still have a pulse?"

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What's the "Nightmare" Scenario?
>Gura bails, joins Vshojo and immediately shit talks corpo life as a whole
>Gura keeps coming back to dodge channel de-listment and shill merch until Vtubing as a whole is dead in 5 odd years
>Gura comes back with a list of demands telling everyone it's illegal to have opinions that aren't positive about her
>Gura comes back and streams but very clearly doesn't give a shit

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a-are her eyes edited?

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it's the catshark one

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>Had Gura been replaced with a text to speech of her GurAI, there'd be more interaction and passion

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i have returned

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>3 bandaids for the twin towers and the pentagon
>red arrow represents the hijacked planes trajectory and flight path

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Good, i prefer it if Gura and Fauna stay a million miles away from the nearest cock. Just means its more hilarious when girls like Lui and IRyS are going to get on all fours because they need the paycheck

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Openly encourage her to use her funds for a huge ass purchase like a house mortgage or business down payment, then immediately threaten to fire her once i see the paperwork
Crack a whip on the lazy bitch knowing she spent every penny on a non-refundable transaction

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>Become a menhera
Before YAGOO gave her a ring she was a bottle away from permanently decorating her favorite rafter

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He didn't make more, this is the artist

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Based Goora unsullied by a single raid. No handouts to or from her.

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>how would you steal away her fans
By streaming consistently

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>they still haven't fixed it, but you gotta understand Tempus was more important
Still blows my fucking mind

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