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Holy shit Irys are you kidding me

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>You don't wanna overlap your coworkers
Meanwhile Gura body slamming all Bijou debut week streams....

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If it's a bot then why do "we" reply to it so often trying to own it?
Seems abit fruitless does it not?

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goob morning faggot

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Slow day for them, this is the best they got on short hand

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oh for fucks sake

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I don't have empathy for you either. Your emotions are interesting to me. Like rare beast in zoo.

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>Treats chat like inattentive children
>Bot their views
>Act out a summary course of what an Idol is
>Stream non stop so they don't become irrelevant
They're peak HoloEN in the worst possible traits. Gura only needing to show up once a month and not lose a single viewer, while also selling out whatever merch she touches instantly. is why she is HoloEN at its best

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Women like gossip and drama. You are a woman

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Not sure if you are the same anon but trying to copy gura sounds like a bad idea.

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>kiddie toothpaste

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How do you go about wanting Gura to come back, as in actually playing/streaming/collabing out of her own volition- without sounding like a desperate chumbud clinging to the last fumes of copium?
How do i say i hate and detest her showing up because she's forced to or paid to show up- without sounding like some anti?

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So what you are telling me is that there are non-chumbies that come here to shit the thread on purpose?

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>When you make an entire corporate wide rule because of one person
Gura's not feeling so good....


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Nah man those are the true chumbies.
Truly the heroes of hololive.

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Why do chumbies never have notifications on?

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If Watame's recent MV is anything to go off of, i expect the animations to be 10/10, but the music to be dog shit, especially with Ms. Hamsterdance shark pretending she didn't try her hardest to memorize her lines 5 minutes before the recording session

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Are they woke now? How about the oxford dictionary. It has the same definition there too

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How the hell did cover forget to write amelias name down?

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