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And this is where Irys shoots a trannie.

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>watch a stream with mum
>she thinks Kronii's accent lacks conciseness
>thinks Kiara has a very stereotypically cute voice that Korean guys will fall for
My boomer Korean mum likes the chicken more...

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ah, a fellow cultured ausbro.

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Hope you have a ton of fun drawing, anon. I feel like the community is pretty great.

Ive joined a discord server that its probably the only good server out there, witch more experienced artist doing workshops and critiques, with some exercises here and there to practice.

I bought my tablet and was having fun learning a lot of things and realizing how hard drawing is and how great good artists are; but sadly i have to keep this on hold for at least one more year. Art is pretty great.

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based defender of idoltrad culture

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based keeper of gates

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/r/hololive transplants will deny this while posting on an imageboard created to worship Japanese culture.
They hated OP because he told them the truth about western '''''culture'''' (or rather, lack thereof).

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>house of pleasure

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based poster with reasonable standards for behavior

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i appreciated your ancient meme anon

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also of course.

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You did as well as you could.
>+2 was a mistake
I don't think so. At least you tried to catch up which is worth trying
You got PES'd, plain and simple. I'm used to this shit, but not everyone else here is accustomed to this bullfuckery.
You had good tactics, it just didn't convert into goals.
Better luck next game.
If we get the bullshit to swing our way we still have a chance.
Good job today. You did your best

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Because she is the hardest working girl from Hololive.

Have absolutely no natural talents, and just worked hard for all her achievements.

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Or, even better, don't allow yourself to get attached to anything and get your enjoyment out of funposting instead.
It works for me!

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Very cute, thank you for adding this ending. Good luck with your future stories.

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thank you watamelon-san

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I wont lie, Nade giving me (You)s for some occasional shitpost i do makes me extremely happy

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>Melty Blood player
k man you got me there, even though i dont understand 40% of what she is saying

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