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Some Otome games.
Yes it’ll be a torture to see a girl playing Otome games raving over their BL fantasy shit, but paradoxically I wanna see
>Some of IDs
doing that.

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While Subaru is the lawful one. She knows what you’re doing behind her back, but is actually timid enough to hesitate to talk straight with you.

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Stay in your happiness, dear anon.

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>steamiest piss?
Sorry I’m an ESL and don’t get the exact nuance of this phrase.
“steam” is vaporized water and piss is already water, and it’s warm.
So does it mean piss which gives off a lot of steam? But doesn’t it depend on where or when she takes a piss, like if she does it, I’m not necessarily talking about Gura, when she’s having a bath because of her laziness it won’t give off that much steam because the air of the bathroom is already quite humid. And even if it’s Marine whose piss is lukewarm as tap water in April because her body temperature is not that high and her boobs are saggy, it’ll make a plume of smoke if she does it on a cold day’s night in order to extinguish a cigarette that Luna threw away on a street.
What’s the point of this discussion? Does it make sense if you’re a native speaker of English?

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I mean, every generation before us had their hard time, like Vietnam war or WW2, collapse of communism party.
They must have felt as if their world ended, but lives went on.
Everything is like that. Since the day you born, the only thing that is certain is one day you die. We’re destined to death. And that’s why we think of God, Korone, which makes us better people.
In other words, you may say your oshi will be there forever if you marry her, but even if you do so, your happiness lasts only for a couple of months
>pekora: you may find her annoying because you notice she’s a bit self centered, good at excuses and whining and staying home 24/7 making ear harming screech.
>Watane: often you feel offended by her not telling you what she thinks, because she is afraid of hurting your feelings too much. You tell her it’s ok to you but she doesn’t listen to.
>Korone: You’ll find that she’s actually an abuse addicted psychopath.
>Okayu: your brain become dysfunctional within 30 minutes because of an overwhelming amount of happiness hormone.
>Kiara: you may find her to be an ideal wife material irl.
We’re human and need to be a good human. Holos are our catalyst to improve our humanities.

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Haato may pick and eat bugs on a ground, but not glue.

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And that’s the conscience of the internet.

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Sometimes I jump in the bandwagon and do shitpost on her as well, but I guess the reason why (some) people hate her is just out of pure jealousy.

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I mean, the older you become, the more curious you become about real people, and no fictitious stories like anime or video games will satisfy you.

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Why does this thread live this long?
Yeah I know you just want me call you Oshi mom you manchildren.
I tell it all to Luna mama. She’s plump and voluptuous as a female hippopotamus and very kind to me, but really strict to bad kids like you.

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Anytime I hear someone saying this word on her, I immediately assume she’s the victim in the relationship and speakers are never that side and why? Why does every woman want to defile the noble and fragile princess?

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I think the point is, how much Cover has invested in each of them rather than a member is currently earning, as it is a business after all.
And I guess those currently living in Japan might haven’t made as much profits as we think, because the corporation needs to pay a lot to Japanese polices and Yakuzas for covering up Calli’s misbehavior with alcohol and punishing antis of Kiara in secret.

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>sekitori pussy

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The voice of her getting pissed off when Haato was gonna use aluminum foil in her takoyaki stream really terrified me. She’s actually out of control and since that time I have recognized her as the most short tempered holo, and that’s a part of the reason I love my impatient princess.

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It tugged my heartstrings when she visited the apartment of a girl like 15 years younger than her and got flat out on her cushion and asked for ice cream of her favorite flavor as if it was for granted.
I am not saying I wished I were either of them, but felt subtle happiness like when I watch a program of discovery channel and get to know some intriguing habits of wild animals.

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>Part of the thing is we only see a few hours with them a day but then think we know the entirety
What if, the time we are watching them together is actually less than the time they have spent together in reality?
I mean, those “collabo”s are actually meticulously choreographed play in which each streamer is just reading out loud the prewritten script, even independently so that Yagoo need to concoct like 3 hours audio file by like cutting each streamer’s file into pieces and sorting them in the order.
Irl all Holo members are imprisoned in the rabbit cage for years and they’re sending secret codes asking for help in their streaming. We need to liberate them, and us.

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