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Is Amelia's futa cock being milked dry by Kiara's toned body from a marathon sex session acceptable too? Asking for a friend.

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I would have sex with this KFP

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My beautiful wife Kiwawa

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This is KFP territory. Go back to /ggg/ chumpedo.

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Dont make me squeeb for fauna again

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From a business standpoint, kiawa cute

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Sometimes I wonder if the zhang fallout was a blessing on disguise regarding game perms. Because I do not know if I would had liked kiwawa like now if she just spammed gacha non stop.
...deam it, someone post that holo edit of "don't make me tap the sign".

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Kiara hummed to herself as she gently ran her fingers through her little kitties' fur, Smoothie and Chonkers, the two fluffballs who lately have gotten super popular amongst the fans on her streams.

The kitties have acquired quite the loyal fanbase, a lot of fan art, even models of them to go alongside Kiara's, of them being pet by her, or just playing around in the stream background. It made Kiara happy her fur babies were finally getting back all the love they give her.

She sure did love them, a lot. But, in a different way your usual cat owner would love their babies. They had something… Special. Chonkers and Smoothie were the ones who are always there for Kiara when she needs to feel good. Sometimes, just being near them and curling her fingers in their soft, long fur, is enough to make her crave their special time together.

Loud purring fills the room, taking over the wet shlicking noises coming from the phoenix, the kitties seemed just as excited as their owner for their little fun time to begin.

Kiara offers her hand as Smoothie approaches her, the cat briefly smells it then gives the girl's fingers scratchy and rough licks while the purring grows louder. As Smoothie gets her treat, Chonkers knows where to get hers, just like Kiara trained her to, she nests herself in between her owner's thighs, touching her wet and warm folds with her cold little nose, slowly getting to lick it as she mewls for more.

"Hmm.. Chonkers, aah-" the phoenix retreats her hand, now using it to spread open her folds, giving the fluffier cat more to taste. The texture of their tongues against Kiara made her go crazy, it felt so good, especially when Chonkers' cute little nose would brush against her clit. "Ah.. C'mere girl."

Smoothie mewls when called out for, she, too, has been trained by Kiara for this moment. As Chonkers gets her meal and Kiara uses her other hand to help her stimulate herself even more, she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out, letting Smoothie know she could come.

The cat laid down on her chest, loaf-shaped. "So cute!-" Kiara got distracted and thought out loud. But she was soon brought back into their little special pleasure-filled world, as Smoothie got to work and licked back at Kiara's tongue, she was small, but quick, and the texture of course felt so exotic and so, so good.

"Mmhl.. Sho good.. Good girl.." she also kisses back Smoothie, sliding her tongue inside her tiny feline mouth, feeling her fangs and rough tongue. Drool pooled near the feline lovebirds, and she felt her core get insanely warm.

With a quick brush of Chonkers' cold and wet nose down there, Kiara came, and as she threw herself back a little and moaned, Smoothie knew that was her cue. She reunited with her feline friend and both of them licked up Kiara's liquids, their favorite kitty snack.

Once she came back from her little free trial of heaven, she felt the warm fluffy kitties cuddle her, still purring loudly after all that wild ride of theirs. "This is why I love you adorable fluff balls." the phoenix happily sighed as she shoved her face in the warm fur and made sure they got some very well-deserved pats and cuddles.

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>Flashback to certain someone PL
She is gonna /become/ the bicycle of a bunch of random ikemens soon.

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>Kiara goes to therapy session for once
>Doctor suggests that Kiara eat some pussy to solve her problems
>Places her in a group with a cute girl that Kiara wants to talk with more

This is my horny rrat and no I will not take my meds

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It was around the time she changed to EU hours. I didn’t watch her streams much but I still supported her because UNITY. Then over time her streams became a part of my morning/daily routine. It was a gradual process of her becoming my new oshi. Now I catch every single stream unless something comes up irl.

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I'll play with you!

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She doesn't know who she's messing with.

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Thank you bro. Was cheering hard for the trinity yesterday

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Our EN girls and Moona personally but I gotta say Korone was fucking incredible too.

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You can see ina's pussy in this image
Think of the poor advertisers you sick fuck

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>hate tangents
what the fuck how

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You're in for a good time! I think she streamed Minecraft a lot back then, and her super early Minecraft is especially good from her overall. Very kino

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I love this bird.

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Fucking finally, nice going Kiwawa!

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Just got home and I want to watch

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