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>she is not a vtuber therefore she is not a vtuber which means she isn't a vtuber, which is my point

She fits all possible descriptions of a vtuber. Sorry

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One that newshits will refuse to acknowledge and will use numbers to silence you.

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>just give in to their demands

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>Ammo to fight back
As if we needed any "ammo". I will not watch the homos, I will continue to laugh at their decline into complete irrelevance and mock the homobeggars. Neck yourself Kris.

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Nah, I think I'll keep it. Whoretubers BTFO

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Don't know who that is. Don't care. I won't watch homoshit and I'll keep telling trannies to kill themselves.

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>Sub to Mori
Hah. No. Fuck off

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Rope yourself troon

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Get the fuck out normalfags. I'm 38 and never held hands with a woman. This board is fucking reddit lite.

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>Globalfags only care about EN and their thread is dogshit
>Well why don't you just roll around in dogshit with them then!?

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>Noooo you're supposed to get angry over me calling you Phillip you can't turn it into a meme against me!!!
Sorry cuckbeats, Phillipchads run this thread now

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>You're gonna suck my dick when we get home later!
You gonna fight for that right anon.

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Sir, you dropped this in the previous thread.

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Her fans improved themselves by getting oshis that aren't whores.

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That stream was a nice confirmation they come here and seethe about their irrelevancy. Still not watching Nijishit though

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How are your numbers today ENbros? One of your streams going to make the tally or another day of irrelevance?

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Mori is fucking cancer and ENfags need to fuck off rather than trying this lame ass astroturfing every time their braphog gets the criticism she deserves

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Shoulda done your reps, ENfaggot. Now you're seething on a mongolian basket weaving image board that your whores get mogged every single day and need to make up a cripple tally to cope. Put yourself out of your misery already and neck yourself so we don't need to put up with your whiny attempts to attack JP talent because you made bad choices

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Sisters on damage control over their begging literally destroying an entire branch of Hololive.

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Imagine paying 100$ just to watch some marvel spin off.

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Seeya later Tempiss

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>ENfags play the Rushia card to try and deflect from their branch imploding from Twitter trannies taking it over
>Get BTFO in their own bait thread

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