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Chat just mind fucked her by making her destroy half of her house for nothing.

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Haven't even hit bump limit yet.

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>i'll admit, i dont know that much about the non-EN
this is the future (You) chose....

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As a fan of both companies. I'm definitely more left with the impression that when it comes to disunity both from the talents and fans it's more on the Nijisanji side. Although I think it's really more of a fan inferiority complex thing.

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All of the antis are that pathetic now.

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I accidentally closed out of chrome and lost the tab of me being in Sana's final stream. Maybe it's for the best but I just wanted to hold on a little bit longer.

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Subaru will never recover from this.

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>sonic adventure 2
fuck you cunt I won't cheat on my oshi

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Oh dear lord.

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Honestly, the first thing that I saw of her was the EN ochame kinou cover. To me she's even more of a "literally who" than ayame because at least ayame is the "literally who" character. I feel more bad for Ina than for her

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I wanna go to Disney World and ride Jet Coaster with Subaru

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It's not THAT bad, bro.

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Well, if nothing else you guys had time to play vidya. I'm still doing shit with my dissertation and can barely catch streams, understand literally 2 streams a month, both being moona karaoke. I have 4 months of EN and ID streams in my backlog so, if nothing else, i wont be in that situation any time soon

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Fuck this

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>be 2view vtuber
>can't grow because most potential fans are too autistic to handle the pressure of watching a 2view

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Holos are dropping like flies right now...

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