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MY WIFE(real)

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I'll tell you what I did:
I started doing silly photoshop edits in late 2020. After a while, you reach the limits of what you can do without drawing and you start adding stuff here and there manually.
The chuubas actually enjoy those little funny ones and they appreciate the shitposts. This is how I contributed when I didn't have the skill to even do the basic drawings and how I got familiarized with the digital tools.
Afterward, I began referencing heavily, never really hiding the fact it was in reference to something. A drawing of a scene in a movie or the similar.
This would be considered borderline tracing but as long as you don't post it on Twitter no one minds. Anonymity was actually of aid to me because I got the same rush of endorphins without risking getting canceled.
Then I moved to chibi art and making very simple things. As long as it is cute no one cares if it is perfect. At this point, I was doing art every second of my free time with not much mental pressure because everyone seemed to like my stuff.

My advice always is: make something people need. No matter how poor your skill is, you will find the "better cake" comic is proven false when chuubas are always starving for more, never satisfied.
If nothing comes to mind, coupons and ironic art are a good place to start since they are supposed to be shitty to begin with.

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pentacle please... don't do it we can't afford another loss
let me sell you some ina ear it'll all be okay

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cool stuff, nonfiction is always great too!
A recent nonfiction book I liked was Factfulness, it's a pretty fun and informal read that makes you a bit more optimistic

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But did you do your reps today?

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I can't believe Ina was so cute it broke the spoiler tag!
[/spoiler]I love my priestess!

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How are you feeling about the challenge so far?

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I miss Ina too..

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Glad to know you are ok at least. Bit of paranoia never hurt anyone anyway.

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I love Ina too!

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The list is fake in the first place. The person who made it doesn't even watch Ina.

Another mistake he made, for example, is that there is bad blood between takos and Artemis even outside 4chin: the shark took over Atelier , which used to be Ina doujin group, once she left to become a Holo.
Kani therefore is also a no go.

If you were in /hlgg/ six months ago you would know this too.

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Can't wait

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I love Ina too!

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