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>cross-poster calling out cross-posters

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YOU assholes were making fun of homos before the debuts, and now you're out here making rule 63s of the boys and talking about how much you want to fuck them. What do you have to say for yourselves?

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I can't lewd the rat, she is just too cute

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Most likely it wasn't the Challenger, but the Hindenburg originally being a Nazi thing and Kiara and KFP not wanting to be associated with Nazis for obvious reasons. Definitely not something that neither Mumei and Kanauru intended.

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>preempting the rrats

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>one of the HoloEN3s will be designed by komatsuzaki rui

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>not a single American

Literally out sourced for pennies to the dollar. Watson Industries is a black company.

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Well I'm glad you ask

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Did ogeyameposter post at all when Ame was at her little spa trip?

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I guess "not a company" thing could make it possible for Mike to be the next Vshojo. I still think it's a bad idea and she should just like permanently unplug from the internet but I wish her the best of luck. Assuming that is true in the first place. Interesting times to be had ahead for everyone for sure.

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Something is afoot.

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Your ass sucks

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>getting over bullshit
>getting over it

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The point, you absolute retard, is that there is no reason to believe there's going to be some permissions issue over it. And considering the person who worked on it HAS worked with Mori before I'm sure they will be aware of what they can and can't do if they're worried about it.

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>the only reason Ame doesn't fix her sleep schedule is because she doesn't want to let the antis win

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>it's a promise
It's like she's signaling me out personally for being a concernfag

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>Tob is actually underage IRL

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This isn't the real Selenposter. Bring back the actual schizo.

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Those rascals always trying a new trick I WONT FALL FOR YOUR RRATS

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This is NOT the real Yagoo!

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Calliope Mori of Hololive English Generation 1 Myth is cute and talented and has a very nice singing voice.

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>camera man

the fuck
all streams are just lopping ochame and US stream is errored


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