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[Dizzy News] She speaks to my big fat BAWLS

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Why do you think Dizzy hates the ship so much? It's precisely because they're probably related in some way and they also see it as weird and gross.

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I am unemployed again
I am happy

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That kiss was mine.

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But you're already eating.

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Well that's interesting. I feel like it's worth reminding yourself that every talent needs to be a bit of a numberfag for the sake of their job and while she does claim herself to be one she doesn't seem to chase numbers as religiously as some others in the company do which is worth respecting. As for being the head of a clique... I don't know maybe? I'll give you that she's not your standard talent which can be off-putting. I could explain why I personally oshi Dizzy but that might be a bit long winded and not a reflection of other lovebugs reasons.

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so hot

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I only bother taking any more when she does something special now. Like the clown nose or Dr. Dizz. I default to the same 10-20 favorites so more regular ones would be pointless.

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why is dizzy so horny today?

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Might not be the best for edits but there's a chance I could use it somewhere in the video.

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What's the deadline and is there anything specific you're looking for?

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I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

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Depends on how good your past and present are I guess but... usually no? At least not for me.

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Is that a penis?

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Anon what the fuck are you trying to say?

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Why would you spend money on this and not get decent art for it?

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Anon that was before she was convinced to be a vtuber again. At the time she was asked by fishman to help run the phase booth and I'd assume she didn't expect people to recognize her.

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>numbers jr
This is false
>100 shitty ritual posts
Hey they're not all shitty.

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I don't understand why she chose jp when the majority of her streams were english.

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Shit, here we go again. The things I would do for Dizzy to do joi.

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I'll uh... be right back.

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he bought five metric tons of dubious quality coffee instead of giving the talents great computers to stream.

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Why is dizzy so gross?

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>Look who I follow.

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