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lol there is 0 chance she will

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>fauna randomly shows up in rust and goes scorched earth killing all the ENs dropping toxic dota lingo
>You have to listen to /hlgg/ timeloop that she's a bitch and hates everyone until 2023


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I better see you stick missing Fauna on all your equipments

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It only felt like a month ago not 8...

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>White and pale as death
>even like fat chicks
>5 years of dating website MMO grind
>still a wizard
take your /pol/ meme and shove it

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>not having chat closed

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Very psuedo deep of you anontard
I just want everyone to talk about streams and not spam retarded offtopic timeloops
You fucking retards are talking about Nijis for god's sake

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shes stronger than me she knows to keep it together
then ill cry before the stream and be dry

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>we will never get absolute rustkino with multiple factions attacking each other, scheming alliances, lone wolves stealing from others to make it look like someone else did it etc. from EN

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>it's the "chuuba is actually a genius puppetmaster psychopath who mind-controls everyone into liking her" episode
They're just entertaining, okay?

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Trust us, the same anons who spammed Haachama was gonna graduate and turned indie and spammed that Omega was fired for months with pure confidence and are 10000000000000% wrong on basically everything.

Uh, no. I will never trust anything any retard says on this retarded board

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I monitored the numbers thread and you got a reply. The chart your numbers are based on makes everything clear.
The stats compared averages from the whole of 2021 to the whole of 2022. (Well, up till the end of june.) This makes things very awkward for Council since it includes their honeymoon period and ignores any recent developments. Comparing year to year when they haven't even had their first anniversary is misleading. (The stats are more useful for the veterans who have already stabilized.)
When the numberfags talk about how Fauna has inclined, they mean since the start of this year. For these developments to show up in your chart, we would have to wait a year or two to see if she could keep the trend going.

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>Cry whine and complain about Male discussion in /hlgg/
>People actually leave

>"P..please don't go.... Come back..."

What is this?

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t. Newfag who came after council acting like he knows anything about the jp branch especially Sora

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>isn't A-chan a "normal" staff member? Why isn't her roommate public?
What level of newfag retard is this?????????????????????????????

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>(no delivery)
>(no delivery)
>(no delivery)
>(no delivery)
>Holostars EN joins
Why is garmbo like this?
No seriously, its not like they have any chance of sapping numbers from the main branch

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What the hell, this guy is cute

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you know she is doing great when someone obsessed still keep making bait threads

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>fauna makes the stream 3 times as entertaining
>some filipino on /hlgg/ actually takes everything seriously

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I predict a 33.3%, repeating (of course) chance of success in this raid

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>Posting catalog bait (probably your own) here
Kill yourself

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Being more worried about fucking 4chan threads and not the actual hobby itself
What is this

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Why do you niggers keep dooming this shit?
There have been women here since the board's inception
Hence all the tumblr-tier shipwars

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What is this dogshit falseflag?

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