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links dozo

Grimoire/mage guy is playing the original PSX Digimon World

Fox girl is starting Doom Eternal with a weirdly scuffed setup. She doesn't have windows activated and her audio sounds a bit weird to me.

Space catboy with kind of Okayu's mouth doing the fugitive arc in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Guy is 13 hours into a 1k followers endurance stream but he's sitting at 800 right now. Playing DJMax Respect. I'm kind of worried for him so I'm linking.

Pilot girl is playing Ace Combat 7 with the help of some guy friend

Sleep demon cryptid girl is playing Monster Rancher 2. She has some redeem where she turns into a tiny winged sheep demon thingy. It's pretty cute.

Very tiny German blue catgirl vroid is playing Evoland 2

Malaysian animated PNG girl is drawing emotes. She has a pretty thick accent if you're into that.

Here's some JP girl chuuba playing Final Fantasy X, I don't think she understands English at all but I want to link her because her eyes are REALLY far apart.

BONUS: Literally just Slifer the Sky Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh is drawing while subbed anime plays in the corner of the stream. I don't think this is allowed but based.

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