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2 years ago

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I wasn't even thinking about it, but now that you mentioned I might as well do it

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>ywn feel pretty good after a successful job
>ywn be terrified when Coco wants to peak to you privately, thinking you must have screwed something up
>ywn be left speechless when she decided to "reward"
Pain peko

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I have not subscribed to a single holo. I just use the holotools thing to see who's on when im free on my computer and pick whoever is most interesting.

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1 0 ( T E N ) H O U R S

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Why doesnt Anya play minecraft? I find it boring but it seems like a buff game and a way to network with other holos and interact with their houses etc.

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Im fucking tired of this Haachama shit.

Its boring. I dont care. Fuck off.

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What's up with Shion though? She graduated?

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