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Austria has never committed any war crimes, all actions were legal at the time.

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>Dominates the thoughts of both KFP and antis

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Its literally the cuck anthem. Gee I wonder why people meme on it when Fauna of all people sing it? I wonder what the reason could be.

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>gura not streaming
Nothing of value would be lost

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So this is how Vshoujo is huh?

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Curious that the cuckposting conspicuously stopped as soon as the schizo started posting on cooldown about Council as a whole.

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Which one of them will have a cock?

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yeah it is a shrimp

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Never donated to anyone, bitch. Youtube is garbage because live streaming is afterthought and poorly made and Cover is garbage for abandoning their Nekomancer and not protecting their talents.
You will be ignored by the Youtube whores and Twitch whores all the same.

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Anon once I learned only like 40% of all women can even orgasm from penetration and an even smaller percentage of that like it over clitoral orgasms, I realized that men are fucking retards who massively over fixate on the most pointless fucking things on the planet. Just dont be fat and shower dog. Youll be fine

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Let's see those numbers in a week.

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Reminder that 4chan was down today because of pedos.

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Those pictures are cute

Does anyone know the name of the artist?

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>eggs expose themselves as homobeggars
lol lmao

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>>Kiara deals with the issue softly and professionally
She said suck it up and support them now back to my feet

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You know whose birthday today is right?

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Cum tributes are some of the tamer things I have seen on this website.

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I don't have a problem with fujos

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At the 03 hours with 50 mins aprox, Kiara is so based.

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Average vshoujo fan "content"
Average hololive fan content

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I see. So all we gotta do is starve you and you get considerably weaker, is that it?

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now now chumkek, don't hide behind my oshi

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> KEK oh no no Cover is doomed! The exodus is inevitable!

>hololive HQ and talents
>Kaichou joined VShoujo? Good for her. Anyways...

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