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fulgur already apologized for this and said he was being an idiot. he said he was gonna graduate over this until millie stopped him. stop bringing this shit up.

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why tho?

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Anon. I don't know how to tell you this but that kind of shit has been normalized in Japanese culture for a long time. Androgynous characters. Crossdressing. Feminine males. Homosexual men and women in japanese fiction (which is yaoi and yuri.)
This isn't twitter LGBT trying to manipulate how nips live their lives. Being a faggot in Japan is just considered normal and not something to be prideful over.

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The difference between Nijisanji and Hololive is that Hololive are pretty much forced to stay family friendly and not go into yabe territory. Whereas with Nijisanji, they don't have to act like family friendly idols to please virgins. (Which would explain why they're less popular and less views) They can actually just be themselves without worrying or caring about idolfags. That's why Nijisanji EN is more co-operative with Vshojo than with Hololive. This is likely why Kiara's collab with Pomu was cancelled. Because hypothetically if Finana or Pomu were to collab with Hololive EN, they'd be forced to not act like themselves.

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What if I'm a bi guy that wouldn't mind a poly relationship if it presented itself, no matter the composition?

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