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Either the modeling is harder than it looks or I am more retarded than I thought..something of both I think. The Haachama model should be done tomorrow though

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This one?

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>Those drop offs from the early shit though

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>nothing today
>Friday is the usual break day

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English streams away... the reddit rescue was surprisingly fun but man...

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Sorry haatonbros I don't really care about Rushia and I think what cover did was right if she did leaked personal information

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I knew having a fucked up sleep schedule this week would be useful for something

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What happened to Haachama World general?

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>have a decent job
>have good friends
>have a girl who loves me
>still get depressed when my oshi doesn't stream for a couple days
This probably isn't healthy

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One whole year of HoloEN memories...
It almost doesn't feel real

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>We've tweaked the adjustment parameters a bit to better match the current market conditions. You should see those in effect starting at the next adjustment. Thanks
>floor id 3f0e9751-b6cd-438b-aeab-82efa9376dd4
We’re fucked

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Yeah, that's true

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I love haachama

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This board is 90% newfags who weren't even around before the schizo arc

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I have a confession After haachama's Red Heart during from 1st Mel's Chiisana koi no uta is god tier and made me skipped red heart when watching the archived

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How do I make sure my mashmellow for Chammes arrives? That website is buggy as hell and I really want to send her some english questions because it seems like she mostly got japanese questions for the stream

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I don't know why Twitch Vtubers filter me so hard. Might just be because I mostly watch on the Mobile YouTube App which is like one click away, but something about Twitch itself kills my interest. I want to get into Twitch vtubers like Power Sheldon, but I just can't be half assed to go on Twitch for some reason.

Aside from Corpse, Africats, and Koopa VODs, what other Western Vtubers are mostly on Youtube?

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They got shion and flare in there but not haachama....

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Had another Haachama dream, this time I was having non-stop sex with a pre-teen/early-teen Akai Haato in various locations described in explicit detail by a narrator, even going so far as to be able to hide her under my shirt as I rode some kind of train
And then I wake up to missing the return stream, of all the fucking days to sleep in an hour or so

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Ironic weebs moved from "ara ara" to "hi honey"

They won't stop till she says it, y'know.

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