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Iname fishtank episode when?

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Why does Ame keep using art with her tiddies out for ER streams? Is she still upset chat didn't get her AWOOGA joke?

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I was going to make a serious post but I realized it's literally trolls trolling trolls. All of you are way too blatant, why are you like this

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Has this schizo ever explained why he hates Fauna so much? She's pretty inoffensive all things considered and is always pro-unity.

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>open Ame tits stream
>it's elden ring
>close stream
Where are the tits? did the thumbnail lie?

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>a shelf that I build
>tissue paper

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You're not the best at numbers are you anon?

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Y'all are fucking retards. Maple is such a slut and so lonely you don't even need to groom him just ask him to be lewd with you and he'll probably say yes.
My fucking point.

But DESU wanting to lewd Maple is cringe anyways. He's a total bro I'm proud to call my friend, if y'all'd put your fucking dicks down for half a second you might create long lasting friendships instead of 3 month flings that awkward out because you tried to have esex. Touch fucking grass.

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Wait, what happened to members karaoke?

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will connor be playing with nazuna soon?

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So many members suggesting movies we already saw together.

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Why doesn't Ina do drawing streams anymore?

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Did this board unironically get ruined by the EN homos existing? I noticed there has been a new wave of undesirable tourists since they debuted

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Imagine arguing that Mark Hamill should own the intellectual property rights for Luke Skywalker because he played the character in Star Wars. It's arguably is identity as he was nobody before Luke Skywalker and he's a nobody after Luke Skywalker. Disney shouldn't be allowed to just take his identity away from him like that. That would be a fucking retarded argument to make and it's still unironically a stronger argument than the one being made here.
Cover created the character and commissioned the art. They then held auditions and hired someone to play the character. In what fucking universe should that person be entitled to Cover's intellectual property?

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Is pink cat is getting meds from mouse?

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Do their models have alternative faces/expressions?

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Any exciting delivery today?

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why are people acting like EN3 is imminent when they're not coming out until at least October?

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Do teamates just scream AMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE from the top of their lungs whenever she does anything?

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what kind of schizophrenia do you need to make a post like this?

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would aethel really name his minecraft character after the new vshojo member?

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