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How come there are no holos with a first or last name starting with J?

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how do they dry the ice without it melting?

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So, you are telling me the reason Cover won't release EN3 it's because they know each branch's third generation is the best and it contains the Gura killer so they are waiting for the Gura statue auction to finish so they can dethrone her after?

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Do Asians just have weak immune systems or something?
They're the only ones taking Corona seriously anymore.

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>Etrian Odyssey
I played that game for like an hour or two, I had no idea what I was doing.

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but everyone always says to take your meds

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she said sunday anon, she literally said sunday, how come so many people are getting the date wrong? I swear this is like the fifth anon today who thought it was tomorrow

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I have no idea why is this a nazi number. Is this when Hitler born or when the Holocaust happened? I dont want to search it up because the FBI will arrest me probably

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Did some triangle drama happen or something that caused this?

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>not complaining about not being invited to collabs
Do you not watch Kiara?
They even joked about it with Anya on her birthday stream, now it was a recurrent thing for both of them.

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wait, did Fauna read the "i had rather suck the milk from fauna's tits... than..." and create the cow trend?
Is Fauna /here/?

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Anya speaks english?

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why? feels like they (correctly) assumed no POV

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>Rattatouille pullups
Do these things even exist?

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But Saber is a good Servant?

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Are turtles frogs?
>live in water
>Also lives in land

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All of the ENs have been acting really horny lately, between lewd thumbnails, the type of streams they do and trends set
does summer make women more horny?

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Where is Gura though?

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Is Ame streaming Bowson tits today or do i have to anti her?

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miss. . . what?

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UMISEA tomorrow?

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Gura stream tonight?

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>school days on Christmas
Isn't school off on Christmas?

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