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Let me tell you about clussy.

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Reminder that if you want your oshi to succeed, you must say mean and hurtful words to every other vtuber in the world until your oshi is the last one standing.

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Risu is perpetually smug

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Made for BRC(Big Risu Cock)

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>Playing Overwatch when it's 2022

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God fucking damn it anon.

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anon, what are you talking about that country didn't exist.

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>no ggg
>the youtube links aren't even links
I guess the fanbase really does reflect the oshi.

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Anon working on that Hologlobe HOI4 mod. I got to say, for all the amazing things that are provided to mod makers in HOI4, there's so many more things that are annoying but required. Like for instance, I have to make flags and then resize them to certain dimensions or else the game yells at me for being incompetent at life. Simple scripts trivialize these issues, but it's still annoying that they even exist in the first place.

Haha I actually meant to say funny Risu squirrel conquers the world again. Laugh at the treerrat saying nuts for over a minute as she commits wide-scale atrocities.

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I'm going straight to the point, I don't belong here and I'm just passing by
How do all of you feel after the last hours? Better or worse than with Arcadum?

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If you think this is bad, wait until she unleashes her full power.

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>Join nijisanji please, Mocca
He burnt down that bridge when he shittalked hololive on twatter. There's no way Anycolor's going to hire his menhera ass, not in a million years

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I am the last non-horny poster.

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This one.

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>Reine specifically talked at length about my abilities to stay calm and blend in like a pro
feels good

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