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No not a single person in the whole world has tried

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>Morning news everyday
She's going to burn out again did she not learn her lesson last time? I know she likes doing Meme review at the end of the week maybe she see can make GMMF a weekly rapup on Fri and Memes for Sat.
A hour of GMMF on Fri would be able to cover a weeks worth of material and give her time to rest

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Nope, I see an avatar chang, get fucked with your 3hours of games and interenet a day with mandatory sign in so papa Xi can spay on you

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>BTFO these kids so hard almost a year later they still mad
not bad Daikochan

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Where was you when Kumicho dies?
I was in bad with bone
DM ring
Kumicho is kill
NO ! and you?

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will mods let us have kson threads

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Why would she

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Has she added you on Steam yet, anon?

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