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Harry potter made a lot of people want to have sex with young girls

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It feels like it's 40 degrees out, sweat pouring from every pore, soaking into the clothes, making them stick to the skin. It's a clammy feeling, the sun shining from the right, its rays enveloping the body in a hug. Shion's breath catches in her throat, the sweltering heat seemingly pressing down on her chest, constricting it. Suddenly, movement, something was touching her side. It's warm, it feels... strange, soft and warm, pressing on her, moving rhythmically, as if following the beat to some song. The song becomes more upbeat, more bouncy, more excited, suddenly, a wetness, more than just sweat, something akin to a slow trickle of water soaking into her shirt. "Ha? What's this?" she thinks to herself, and she begins to squirm, trying to free herself of the pressure, of the heat. The embrace is unrelenting though, no longer the gentle envelopment of sunlight, but the constriction of a snake. The movement now becomes frantic and the embrace becomes a vice-grip, wanting to crush her, the heat is unbearable, the wetness now a flood, soaking her side.

Shion wakes with a jolt, hearing a soft "Hmmmf-hmmmf-h-hmmf-hmf-ehnnn" beside her as the wetness spreads, now becoming a patch on her side. "Eehhh" she groggily exclaims, confused at her sudden awakening. The vice-like grip is still upon her, now no longer the snake of her dreams but rather a certain someone's limbs thrown haphazardly around her body. Trying to reach up with her right hand, she realizes it's trapped, and, somehow, clammy and wet. Reaching up with her left hand, she fumbles for her phone, grabbing a hold of it and turning on its flashlight. Illuminated in the glow around the beam of light now stretching to the ceiling, is the sheepish face of Aqua, eyes turned down, away from her. "Heh. You, you... you woke up? Heh" she manages to squeeze out, shily, her face flushed and her breaths a little rough. As Shion's mind clears, she looks down, looking for the source of the wetness. She sees the wetness on her body, beside it, a corresponding wet spot on Aqua's pajama pant leg. Tracing it upwards, what Aqua was doing comes to her in a sudden realization. At first shock sets in, then, a certain awkward shyness. As she thinks of it, the heat radiates from within her body towards her face, flushing it. She looks at Aqua awkwardly and she just looks away, unable to make eye contact.

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