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Every time
Does this count too?

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Everybody who wants to play the game has done that already, me included. I feel like it's a fad to beg for it at this point.

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I thought it was cute that Okayu started playing it when she went to bed during/after her playthrough.

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Starting to get the itch to rewatch this series.

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Okayu got me to finally play and beat GOI, as well as replay DK64 and the DKC games. Think I want to play Shiren 5 next. Couldn't bring myself to replay Mother 3 again though.

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I rewatched it like 20 times the week that it happened. I'm almost scared to go watch her heart break again now. That whole series was filled with so much emotion, for instance:


Okayu: "Ah, the bouquet's changed again! Is he really coming here to change them day after day?"

Nippolyte: "Lucas, did you see Flint? That's too bad, he was just here visiting Hinawa's grave. He's gone back to search for Claus in the mountains again."

Okayu: "..."

Nippolyte: " Search for Claus, search for Claus, visit Hinawa's grave. Search for Claus, search for Claus, visit Hinawa's grave. That's all your Dad is these days, huh?"

Okayu: "Yeah, but I'm sure that Dad is... When he's doing that is when he's most... How do I put it? When he's able to keep his feelings under control the most. Every time, every moment he's searching for him, thinking, "Maybe I'll find him today." That hope is what keeps him stable. And only when he's at her grave does he feel like Hinawa's there with him. Yeah... But, we're with you, Lucas!"

Nippolyte: "The saving grace is you, Lucas. You've become so strong and dependable. Somebody who won't cause Flint any worries. You've become such a good kid."

Okayu: "Yeah, he's right, you're really admirable, Lucas. All by yourself in such horrible circumstances, thinking, 'I need to become stronger.' Most people wouldn't be able to have those thoughts."

Okayu: "Man, it sure is heartbreaking for Flint. For three years straight, visiting Hinawa's grave and searching for Claus in the mountains; it's too much for me. Even though he probably already understands that it's... But he probably can't help but to keep doing it; how sad. Those thoughts are probably why Lucas is trying to become stronger. When I think of that, it's just somehow... Let's get going"

*Bumps into a tombstone*

Okayu: *sniffle* "Hold on, I'm not walking straight. It's so sad that I can't even walk straight."

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I'm still sad. I'm so happy I got to watch my favorite streamer play one of my favorite RPGs though.

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Mother 3 finale first half

>When nobody's watching
Youtube crashes the stream for a couple of minutes, and just when Okayu's about to remake it, it comes back on. Okayu says it'd be embarrassing if the part where she thought nobody was watching was still viewable in the archive. It is, it's cute, here you go: https://de.catbox.moe/j5jyf5.mp4

Despite all he did, Okayu still felt bad for Porky. He was just a young child when this all started, and didn't have any proper guidance. If there was someone there to scold him and tell him when he was in the wrong, this all wouldn't have had to happen; Lucas's family wouldn't have been torn apart.

She really just wants everyone to be happy in the end; she's sad. There's more than just having a lot of money: Family, friends, places, spending time enjoying yourself with all those is what she thinks is happiness. She's rethought what it means to be happy a lot during this playthrough. To those who are just watching by chance because they like the game, and to those who are watching for her: Be happy, as happy as you want; she's counting on you. Eat what you like, do what you like, spend your time as you like, be happy. Claus is with his mom, Lucas has his Dad, Boney, and his friends; we all need to be happy too.

Okayu's too mentally exhausted to pick out new food. She enlarges the sunflower from last time. All the crying has left her as pecchanko Okayu.

Superchat mentions that Okayu cries a lot while streaming. She says it's not that she wants to cry, it's that the games MAKE her cry. She thinks it's embarrassing to have puffy eyes and a runny nose while everybody's watching. When she was a kid she could just think of enemies as enemies, now she thinks too deeply about them as people as an adult.

More than anything, she's frustrated. When she thinks of that nice family having to go through all that it makes her angry. The fact that happy people have to suffer misfortune, something that everybody has to deal with at some point, makes her frustrated no matter how she tries to reconcile the fact. But we have to live strongly regardless. She brings up the story about the vet telling her that Temari might not have long to live if the surgery didn't go well as an example. It did go well though, she's fine now.

>2 Mother 3 streams in a row
She tells someone thanking her for streaming Mother 3 twice in a row that it was she couldn't resist, she wanted to see the end so bad. She talks about how with her main series, she sees a lot of people saying they can't always keep up if they're busy, so she likes to space them out so people have time to catch up. She's sorry, but she wasn't sure she'd be able to stream anything else properly if she was thinking about Mother 3 the whole time.

>Honest cat
She says she's not an amazing talker or any kind of ultimate lifeform when it comes to game streams, but she thinks her emotions come through very honestly. She likes to think it gets through to her viewers when she's really enjoying a game.

>Never forced
Chat says she has the ultimate healing voice though. Okayu says she's grateful for that, but being honest is the only real capability she thinks she has. As an example, she says that she doesn't think she's had a single stream where the viewers thought she was forcing herself. When she's tired or feeling off, she makes sure to rest. That's the only reputation she thinks she rightfully has.

>Onigiryaa veterans
A superchat says that it may not be that long, but their membership hit a year today. Okayu says that's 365 days, and she hasn't even been with hololive for 2 years until June. Even for people who are just joining now, there's no need to apologize because by the time she hits her 10th anniversary, they'll all be veterans. She says she'll call newcomers "Future Veterans" instead.

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