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coco beby

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Eh, it’s fun to theorize how being Kaichou’s partner would be like.
She doesn’t seem high maintenance at all, quite the opposite in fact, i had a girlfriend who had some similarities to her, we would often go days without talking and it was always implied as a good thing, Coco is definitely similar in that she needs her alone time so living together could be a challenge unless you’re ok with not seeing her for more than a few minutes for a couple of days while living together more often than not, that’s how they make it work with PPT after all, they treat the apartment almost as different buildings, their living room and kitchen are the shared areas but even then they don’t force themselves to have a conversation if both of them happen to be there at the same time.

She also has troubles sleeping and wakes up very easily so if you snore you’re probably screwed, it sucks but i understand her because i’m the same, i often wake up by any random noose after sleeping 3-4 hours and can’t fall back asleep so i spend the rest of the day tired.

I’m pretty sure anyone could make Coco happy as long as they respect her alone time but can also have deep and interesting conversations with her long into the night as she often does with Kanata.

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I really hope we get a full, mastered version of Goodmorning Weather Hackers.
I'll listen to the spontaneous live performance forever if I have to, but having more would be good.

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one does not remain baby forever
except luna

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i like this artists version of the baby more than the one she made

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