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They did though. This was discussed a hundred times over when Coco's graduation was initially announced. A bunch of vtubers on Twitch got assaulted with 100,000+ bots. The bots were a problem for all of a day with moderation tools, and 1 month later were all banned.

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Are they? A bunch of VShojo girls were assaulted by 100,000+ bots each a couple months back and it was resolved in a month.

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lol this reminds me of another thread i saw discussing how a bunch of people lost their followers by a huge amount in the stats for that month. blue line is followers and haruka wasn't the only one targeted

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The info is interesting. Looks like Nyan, Mouse, and Mel all got around ~107k bots following them basically overnight. was also weird when I remembered Snuffy had been hit too, and it looks like they cheaped out on her. She only got ~38k bots following her overnight so the spike is way less noticeable.

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