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>over a gay
It's not even about if he's gay or not you literal nigger. You miss the entire point. This was a LAZU-LIGHT OFF COLLAB

NO ONE BUT LAZU should be there. Why the fuck is this random nigger here. Even if another female joined who wasn't Elira I'd be pissed. This was supposed to be pufferfeesh not pufferfees + some faggot

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>Bring me with you for saving your ass :^)
>nevermind that I am currently looting your house and was going to leave you for dead :^)
Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.

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Rosemi was right!

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I'm legit peeved, why do people like APEX so much? It's just a worse Titanfall in Battle Royale format - spend some time queueing into a match, hope to god you got some good loot, walk around a large empty map and hope you see some other players, win or die, repeat.
I wouldn't be mad if this hunk of shit didn't kill off Titanfall 3.

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You can have Selen, and I can't stop Elira from jumping on you. But if you so much as type in Rosemi's chat, I swear to Yahweh I will browse through your entire 4chan history and expose every single UOOOH CUNNY post you've ever made and post the whole thing on Discord, getting you kicked for being a Western p*do. Your numbers will not be big enough to resist it; do not DARE test me.

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Mandatory genshin streams...

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>Rosemi hasn't had a single genuine dolphin laugh all stream
did her parents really ruin her day today or something?

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Reminder Wosemi is just hiding her power level. She can easily beat the fish if she wanted to, but it'll be rude since she's the kouhai. She's just playing a character!

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Rosemi (and her past life) has actually helped me improve myself because of my idiotic hopes she'll notice me once i'm successful
i've been able to get a decent job now, i've been working out, my eating habits improved
all because I want her (the actual person behind the voice) to notice me more
I love Rosemi and i'm devoting my life to making sure she's happy because thanks to her i've been able to live a happier life too
god i hope she doesn't read this, it might be too bvious now

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>Liking Mameneko

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Rosemi is bringing out things in me I didnt know were there

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Why must reversalfags always try to insert themselves where they aren't wanted. There are countless other chuubas out there you could bang but nope has to be the femdom one

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>she knows what she's doing
It's strange that more people don't get this.

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>"oi pig, it's 4am time for your daily groveling and cock flattening"
Well, anon, how do you respond to Rosemi's demands?

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