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this is such an improvement compared to her early stuff
she's doing really good

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My Oshi will never collab with the Homos but i don't really mind them

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Thank god hololive got rid of undoubtedly their worst member by far and now I hope they do the same to their other useless members like anya, iofi, irys, kronii, all of ID3, etc

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good luck then, let us know how it goes

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i like this genre

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migo approbs

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I think you mean her elitos

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you need to put into account that not everyone pays the same, so that minimum could be higher depending on the demographics of your audience.

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You WILL support them
You WILL watch their streams
You WILL supachat them in shekels
You WILL like them
and (You) WILL be happy.

jokes aside, they are cute and comfy

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Ohh I see.
then it's not wrong to think that they could do a proper minecraft collab someday soon!
I probably should watch the others as well.
Do you have a favourite that you like to watch more? or do you recommend all the girls?

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Oh shit, nevermind lol

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Aki Rosenthal puts on good shows. If you want a taste of top tier live music events, then I would start with her. Also Miko is the best overall entertainer in Hololive.

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She actually made cover song of Uma pyoi densetsu with Migo and Furea.

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>mumei fingers the briefcase for a good 20 seconds while everyone ignores her

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I watched Iori for the first time during her 2.0 debut and I have to say she's super cute. Also, some chad Japanese guy gifted me a membership, so I'll check her out more.

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Thanks for the update, please let me know about any future developments!

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mumei, you can you can!

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Please help me diversify my ogeys

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Happy 100K posts farmers

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